Gogglebox's Amy Tapper says 'f**k you' to 'vile' online trolls as she admits she could easily 'cry her eyes out'

GOGGLEBOX'S Amy Tapper hassaid 'f**k you' to 'vile' online trolls as she admits she could easily 'cry her eyes out.'

The reality TV star has lost an incredible 3 stone at her own pace and was fed up of negative comments from haters.

Amy took to her Instastories to give mean followers who had slammed her on TikTok adressing down.

The Celebs Go Dating star, 21, explained she hardly went on TikTok except to post the odd video.

She said: "I've just read through my comments and people are vile. They are horrible.

"I mean, thank God I've got a strong **** mind because let me tell you, if this was someone else, oh my God they would be crying their eyes out right now. You're all, on TikTok, vile. "

She signed off with a smile: "But thanks for everyone else for the love."

It's not the first time she has stood up to online bullies.

She has slammed followers for their "backhanded compliments" after she was cruelly told she has more weight to lose after shedding three stone.

Amy has been documenting her impressive transformation on social media, overhauling her image with a healthy diet and exercise.

She proudly took to her Instagram page earlier this month to share a new before and after photo to highlight her trimmer figure.

Amy captioned the post: "New Year New Goals! I’ve been on my health and weight loss journey for a while now and despite lockdown I’m feeling the best I’ve felt physically in ages so just wanted to share a recent pic against one of my before photos from last year!"

But she was taken aback by some of the comments the photo received, admitting that fans' well-meaning words may not have come across as they intended.

Posting on her story, she wrote: "The worst thing is backhanded compliments. Like, compliment someone if you're gonna compliment them.

"Don't be like: 'Well done, another three stone to go' because when you think about it, that's more of an insult than a compliment.

"Especially if you don't actually personally know me."

She defiantly went on to add: "Excuse the rant, I love all of you and your comments and support but unfortunately it's ones like that that stick out.

"My page is for positivity, love, and joy. Those comments will simply just be deleted.

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