GMB fans rage as Richard Madeley calls sad Piers Morgan interview ‘toe-curling’

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Good Morning Britain viewers weren't impressed by comments made by Richard Madeley on Tuesday's show, as he spoke out against Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer's recent interview.

The presenter, who is temporarily co-hosting with Susanna Reid, claimed Starmer's interview on Piers Morgan's Life Stories was "embarrassing" to watch.

Richard also branded Starmer's emotional outburst on the show as "odd," reflecting on the moment he grew tearful over the death of his mother.

MP Jonathan Ashworth came on the show to discuss Labour's stance on the extended lockdown, with Starmer blaming lax border control for the spread of the Delta Covid variant.

The conversation turned to whether Starmer was a good leader for the party, leading Richard to share his views on the politician's June 1 appearance on Piers' confessional ITV series.

He asked the Shadow Secretary: "Were you embarrassed by his performance on the Piers Morgan programme, because my toes curled."

Richard went on to suggest that "going on a talk show really and crying, it was odd".

Ashworth was quick to defend Starmer's interview, praising his openness in addressing his personal tragedies and showing a more vulnerable side to the public.

"It's important that people open up a bit," he said, adding: "I think you'd consider that a successful interview."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were extremely unhappy with Richard's remarks, with many pointing out it showed a lack of sensitivity.

One wrote: "According to Richard Madeley you're an "embarrassment" if you cry whilst opening up about your dad [sic] dying."

"Richard Madeley should be ashamed with himself for some of his comments during that interview #GMB," added a second.

While a third agreed: "#GMB Richard Madeley thought seeing Keir Starmer on #LifeStories was ‘embarrassing' for showing emotion. That really the best he has got."

And a fourth weighed in: "Richard madeley…knocking someone for showing emotion on their own life stories …."

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