'Gilmore Girls': 3 Storylines Fans Were Sure Would Happen but Didn't

Gilmore Girls showrunner, Amy Sherman-Palladino, is often praised for weaving believable and heavily detailed storylines. While that is mostly true for Gilmore Girls, there were several plotlines the famed showrunner left hanging. There were also a few storylines we thought would happen, but then they just didn’t. 

‘Gilmore Girls’ fans were sure Mitchum Huntzberger would eventually hit on Rory Gilmore 

When Rory Gilmore met Logan Huntzberger, fans were skeptical. When the Huntzberger family came into play, they were livid. Shira Huntzberger was pretty awful to Rory. While Logan’s father, Mitchum Huntzberger, tried to smooth things over, fans were instantly suspicious of him. Mitchum ended up crushing Rory’s spirit, but that’s not the way fans thought it was going to go. 

Reddit users were fairly certain that Mitchum would make a romantic move on Rory at some point. It never came to pass. Even Emily Gilmore insisted Mitchum was a bit of a ladies’ man. Why he never tried to make a pass at Rory is unknown. It does feel like a golden opportunity for a dramatic storyline that Sherman-Palladino completely missed. 

We thought there was more to Pennilyn Lott and Richard Gilmore’s clandestine lunches 

Richard Gilmore’s clandestine lunches with his ex-fiancee, Pennilyn Lott, created a great deal of angst between Richard and Emily. The big revelation in season 4 was partly to blame for the longstanding couple’s brief separation. With all of the drama, you would think there would have been something to the lunches. 

Apparently, there was not. Richard insisted they simply met once a year to catch up and that there was nothing more to it. While Richard was devoted to his wife, we were certain there would be more to the story than there was. Pennilyn was never mentioned again, making the mysterious reveal even stranger. We were certain that, somewhere along the way, Sherman-Palladino would clue us in to the real reason for their yearly meetup, like a secret, joint business venture. It never happened. 

We were bummed that there wasn’t more to Lane Kim and Dave Rygalski’s breakup 

Lane Kim may not have been a main character, but Gilmore Girls fans were heavily invested in her romantic life. When she met Dave Rygalski, a fellow musician, everyone was pretty happy. The duo made a rather suitable pair, too. The romance hit a rough patch when Dave left for college in California. While he was mentioned a few more times, everyone eventually stopped talking about him. 

While Sherman-Palladino wrote the college storyline because Adam Brody, the actor who played Dave, landed a role on The O.C., she dropped the ball on the couple’s breakup. Lane was a rather dramatic teen and young adult. The end of her first serious romance should have resulted in some angst. It just didn’t, though. 

Lane stopped talking about Dave and then developed a crush on Zack Van Gerbig. There was absolutely no mention of how their romance ended. We were fairly certain that Dave would show up again, at some point, peeved that his friend stole his girlfriend. It never happened. 

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