Ghosts: Mike becomes ‘jealous’ as Kiell Smith-Bynoe teases ‘emotional’ season three

Ghosts: BBC release hilarious teaser for second season

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Currently, young couple Mike (played by Kiell Smith-Bynoe) and Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) are settling into their new life as the owners of a run-down stately home. They share the house with a number of ghosts from different time periods, but only Alison is able to see them. As season three is set to air next week, actor Kiell has shared details of what fans can expect when the couple are forced to spend time away from their new home.

The series is set to open with Mike trying to turn the gatehouse into a B&B. 

But his plans are met with a series of setbacks and the couple have to close the house.

Kiell explained: “They can’t afford to stay in a hotel, so they end up camping in their own grounds, which is a real laugh.”

The star teased fans will see Mike becoming more jealous as the series continues.

“We’ll see some jealousy from Mike about him not being able to hang out with them,” Kiell told What to Watch.

“We get a lot more in this series of me with the ghosts, even though I can’t talk to them directly.

“It was enjoyable filming that because it’s usually the ghosts interacting with Alison.

Whilst many Ghosts fans will be happy with the wait for season three to nearly be over, BBC Three have mentioned the cast could look “a little different”.

Due to there being a number of strict Covid-19 restrictions on set, unfortunately, some characters won’t be making an appearance this season.

One of the lead writers Mathew Baynton told they had to axe some scenes in order to fit in with the government’s restrictions.

“There are certain characters who by their nature are constantly in a massive group so we’ve left them in the basement where they live and we’ll have to see them again in series four,” he explained.

Filming for the TV comedy proved hard for the producers as each scene required detailed planning due to there being a limit on how many cast members can be on set at once.

 “Every week we had to pick groups of three or four people maximum who could come close to each other but not to anyone else in another group,” Mathew added.

He went on to explain filming a “normal” episode of Ghosts there would be a scene of up to 10 people clustered around a sofa.

As they were unable to do this they had to become imaginative with how they can work around it and come up with the idea of using special effects so it seemed like they were all present in the camera frame at once.

It kind of leaves everybody warring a little bit. There’s a bit of a question over this person and who they are, essentially.”

The six-part series returns on Monday 9 August on BBC1 at 8.30pm and will also air on BBC iPlayer. 

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