Get Your Food Fix on Netflix With These Food-Themed Shows

TheCoronavirus may have stopped people from eating out at restaurants for thetime being. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your culinary interests,though. Streamingplatforms have plenty to offer when it comes to food-themed content, and nowseems like the perfect time to binge some of those shows. There are a few foodshows that we think are the ideal way to escape the current news cycle.

The Taco Chronicles willhelp you indulge your desire for street food

The Taco Chronicles is theperfect way to unwind with everyone’s favorite street food. Tacos are belovedthe world over, but do you know the history of several taco styles? The series,which currently has one volume available on Netflix,educates viewers on an individual taco style each episode.

Eaternotes that the series takes a deep dive into the famous street food, and enrichesviewers with more information than they could ever want on the tasty tortilla-centricfood. From el pastor to carnitas, the series has something for everyone. Eachof the six episodes is just under 30-minutes long, so if you are dedicated tolearning about the art of tacos, you can run through the entire volume in anevening.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts takes culinary competition to a new level

Dessert is one of the great joys oflife, and acclaimed pastry chef, AdrianoZumbo knows desserts better than almost anyone in the world. Now, he isputting pastry chefs to the test, asking them to create intense, delightful,and often gravity-defying desserts in a competition that will trigger everyone’ssweet tooth.

Two seasons of the acclaimed cookingcompetition series is available on Netflix. In each season, 12 culinary mastersare pitted against each other to craft amazing desserts. At the end of eachepisode, one chef goes home, until there is just one chef left standing.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is a binge-worthy classic

If you are feeling blue about notbeing able to visit your favorite, hometown dives, GuyFieri might help you get the fix you need. Diners,Drive-Ins, and Dives is aclassic food show that takes Fieri across the country in search of the nation’sbest-kept culinary secrets. Whether he’s stopping in an auto shop turned eatery,or dropping by a tiny roadside stand, he always finds something incredible toeat.

Hulu is currently offering sevenseasons of the series for streaming. Each season contains between 10 and 20 episodeseach, which means you’ll have hours of food-related content to stream. You caneven findfeatured eateries in your area on the web.  

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