General Hospital spoilers: Nina Reeves rejects Valentin Cassadine

There’s going to be plenty of wicked surprises on General Hospital week as the show gets into the Halloween spirit.

Monday’s episode sees Anna enlist Finn’s help while Spinelli is determined to expose Peter with Jason’s help.

Meanwhile Julian intercedes, Maxie is defensive and Lulu looks to Kevin for advice.

On Tuesday, Dante is apologetic while Carly confides in Jax.

Elsewhere, Anna asks Kevin for help, Chase questions Sasha’s erratic behavior and Nina rejects Valentin.

Then Wednesday will see Chase apologize to Brook Lynn while Nikolas tempts a defensive Ava.

Meanwhile, Sasha makes a new friend, Franco makes a curious move by stealing a hot Halloween commodity and Epiphany opens up to Liz about her breakup with Milo.

On Thursday, Julian entertains an offer from Nikolas and Spinelli looks to Sonny for advice.

Then Maxie celebrates her birthday with loved ones, Portia tends to Franco’s needs and Trina is eager to repair Taggert’s reputation.

The weeks end with Franco receives troubling information on Friday.

Elsewhere Anna learns the truth, Peter receives a disconcerting call.

While Spinelli pretends to support Maxie and Valentin proposes an extreme solution.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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