'Game of Thrones': Stark Family Returns in HBO Prequel

You have to imagine there’s been considerable tinkering done with the upcoming HBO prequel to Game of Thrones so it has a close connection with the now-classic Westeros characters. The good news is the original plotting from George R.R. Martin has many family lines in the story going back centuries, offering numerous blood connections.

While fans will have to expect all-new characters in this show, we have a feeling there won’t be any problem finding them appealing if the writing is as rich as Game of Thrones was. What’s most enlightening is it’s reported the Stark Family descendants will be a part of the prequel.

What insights will fans learn from the ancestral Starks? Probably as much as we could learn from our own ancestors.

What George R.R. Martin has revealed about the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel

To show you how much Martin may be involved in this new HBO series, he’s revealed quite a few details about what fans should expect. It’s possible he’ll have a larger hand in shaping the show as much as he did with Game of Thrones behind the scenes. We didn’t initially know he’d come up with the ending everyone saw on Game of Thrones, including many other plot points.

In this regard, we can safely say the HBO Game of Thrones didn’t have the same fate as many other media properties do when adapted from books. For years, many thought HBO’s Game of Thrones had escaped Martin’s control and was going its own way. Now we know he influenced it more than we think while still retaining his own vision in his final books, assuming they ever see the light of day.

Since Westeros history has only been written on the sidelines without complete novels published, this series already opens more creative doors. We might see Martin have strong creative control than he lets on based on the details he’s been willing to share.

You can give complete credit to him for revealing ancient Starks will be seen in the prequels, though not the Lannisters.

A lot of other familiar elements will be in the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel

You may have already heard the news that despite no Lannister ancestors, the prequel will have The Casterlys occupying Casterly Rock. Plus, fans will have a chance to see ancient direwolves, mammoths, and White Walkers.

Yes, he’s saying we’ll even see a White Walkers origin story, which should explain a lot of mysterious backstory with Games of Thrones. Even more intriguing is the knowledge of Westeros being 100 different kingdoms during this point of the story’s time frame.

Having these revelations opens paths to connecting the prequel to earth’s own history. We already connected real British political history and our own present trajectory with Game of Thrones. For those who appreciate historical context with our present time, this prequel may provide numerous metaphorical allusions.

Also, it’ll remind us how our own history turned us into who we are now, just as the ancient Starks did to the later Starks.

What will the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel reveal about the future Westeros characters?

One thing we’re probably going to learn from the prequel (tentatively titled The Long Night) is history repeats itself inexorably. This was a major underlying theme in Game of Thrones while conversely reminding us prophecies frequently don’t play out like they’re predicted.

Be prepared to learn a lot of unpleasant backstory about The Starks as we’re used to with these people. Lann the Clever is rumored to show up in this show as well who later formed the House of Lannister.

Key people like this will no doubt make Game of Thrones more interesting to watch through again once the whole series begins streaming on HBO’s platforms. Hopefully, it’ll inspire many of us to look back to our own ancestors to see we’re just playing out their same scenarios and personality traits hundreds of years later.

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