Gabby Logan red-faced as co-star spots wardrobe blunder during BBC Olympics show

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Gabby Logan was left looking a little embarrassed when she, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Denise Lewis accidentally wore matching outfits during the BBC’s Olympics coverage.

The trio were part of the broadcaster’s coverage of the action in Tokyo on Saturday and because COVID restrictions meant they didn’t see each other beforehand, they had no idea they had all dressed in shades of red.

Gabby, who was hosting, had picked a bright red dress and when she turned up at the studio she discovered that sports experts Jessica and Denise has selected strikingly similar outfits.

Jessica also wore a dress and it was pretty much the same colour as Gabby’s. And Denise had picked a top in a reddish-pink hue.

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Addressing the wardrobe malfunction, Gabby joked that things at the Games had ramped up “so much so that we decided to wear exactly the same colour today and didn’t consult”.

Michael Johnson was also on the show and Gabby pointed out that at least he was doing his own thing in grey.

But Denise gestured to Michael’s grey top and her own grey trousers, joking that they were “teaming”.

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Gabby explained that red was her “good luck colour” and she selected it because athletics star Dina Asher-Smith was competing.

“Is that your excuse?” she asked Jessica, who laughed and replied: “It’s my good luck colour too!”

“You would think we’d communicated before but we actually hadn’t. So, yes maybe it’s a good thing," Jessica added.

Gabby told viewers that she hadn’t seen her co-stars or what they were wearing until a few moments before the show began.

She explained: “Because of COVID, we are completely separate until we come into the studio two minutes before we come on air.

“And then we see we have had a wardrobe malfunction. But never mind!”

Gabby suggested the blunder would add a bit of "red hot fire” to the day.

Sadly though, the red outfits didn’t seem to give Dina good luck as Gabby had hoped.

The 25-year-old runner did not make the final of the 100 metres and also withdrew from the 200 metres because of an injury.

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