Frankie Essex reveals she weighs 13st after 'hitting rock bottom' in lockdown

FRANKIE Essex has opened up on her recent weight gain, admitting she's now 13 stone after 'hitting rock bottom' during lockdown.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star, 33, revealed her weight has crept up after ditching the scales in recent months.

Now, the ex-reality star has vowed to shift the extra weight in just eight weeks.

Speaking to Mail Online, Frankie shared: "I make so many excuses. I got on the scales about two weeks ago at the night time – which you shouldn't really do – and I was 12st 13lbs. I just thought, 'Oh my God!'

"I kept making excuses until I hit rock bottom and got on the scales. I didn't even tell Luke at first, but I'm only hurting myself at the end of the day.

"It's not really about the dress size for me, as if I lose weight, I'd still be able to fit into a lot of my clothes."

She added: "I tend to put on weight on my legs and my belly, but I usually have a small waist. I recently started working at a school, and I've just been eating all the sweet treats! I can't eat what I want everyday.

"It upsets me and I just feel really swollen. I just feel big, so I need to sort this out."

The TV personality is enlisting the help of a fitness plan and hunky personal trainer boyfriend Luke.

Frankie continued: "My boyfriend is really healthy, but I've been eating what I want during this lockdown and during my recent birthday. You see it pile on quite quickly, especially with the drinking."

The star, who is the older sister of Joey Essex, has never been one to keep quiet about her weight issues.

Back in 2018, she suffered a horrific knee injury leaving her unable to exercise.

At the time, a pal told us: "Frankie had a terrible year of not being able to exercise due to a knee injury. She still can’t exercise and is the biggest she has ever been.

"She’s put on two stone. It’s really getting her down but she has the all clear now and is determined to get back into great shape in 2019."

However, it didn't take long for the Essex star to snap back into shape again.

She later faced backlash from some fans for her slimming methods, as she posed with a packet of Skinny Coffee on social media.

Frankie's post got a mixed reaction – with some praising how amazing the blonde beauty looks, and others slamming her for promoting the weight loss product.

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