Five EastEnders spoilers for this week as Nish Panesar gets out of prison | The Sun

TWO decades have passed since Nish Panesar was sentenced to prison and he's ready for his imminent release.

But the criminal has no plans to let his wife Suki know he's on his way to the Square. Get the lowdown on the all the EastEnders drama.

1. Nish gets stabbed

Nish Panesar (portrayed by Navin Chowdhry) is close to be released from behind bars as it was first mentioned in June, 2022.

Coming up on the BBC One soap, Vinny (played by Shiv Jalota) sits in the café with a probation officer who confirms that his father will be out of prison the following day.

Later on in prison, as a security guard eyes Nish, Vinny tells him that everything is sorted in Albert Square for his release.

But when he prepares to leave prison, another inmate approaches Nish with a knife.

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Vinny then gets an alarming call informing him that his father has been stabbed.

He gets an even bigger shock when he's then told Nish will be leaving prison the same day.

What is really going on with Nish?

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Vinny is being manipulatedCredit: BBC

2. Ravi has a sick plan

But while Vinny is well aware that his father could soon rock up Albert Square, his mother Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) has no clue.

Knowing that his mother may need a heads up, Vinny tries to tell Suki but Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) quickly intercepts, manipulating him into believing that Nish's release should be a surprise.

The hunk has an evil plan in mind for the businesswoman.

Ravi suggests to an agitated Suki that he should take the business meeting with Harpreet but she insists that she's fine.

Later on, during the meeting, Harpreet asks about working with Ranveer, implying soon after that she must have had to sacrifice her morals to do business with him.

Overwhelmed, knowing what Ranveer put her through before being murdered, Suki bolts out of the door in a panic.

Eve then notices that Suki is in distress and sneaks away from her date to comfort her.

The former convict finds the right words to support and empower Suki, who makes her way back to Harpreet, who instantly wants to do business with her.

Harpreet goes a step further and suggests flying Suki over to Mumbai the following day.

But that won't be the only good thing happening for Suki this week.

3. Suki lets her guard down

As viewers know, Suki's love life hasn't been the most straight forward, particularly as she still struggles to come to terms with her sexuality.

However, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) has been nothing but understanding and supportive for the businesswoman, despite being given the cold shoulder on numerous occasions.

This week, Suki's cold nature rattles Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) as she rudely dismisses Eve when talking with her son Kheerat about a business meeting she wants him to attend.

Determined to see her friend happy, Stacey tells Eve she has made her an online dating profile and paired her up with a date set to come to The Albert.

Later on, Eve and Stacey bump into Suki and Ravi and the owner of Stacey's Baps makes it clear to the businesswoman she is to stay away from Eve.

But when Suki is chatting business with Harpreet and the pressure becomes overwhelming, Eve forgets about her date and finds the words Suki needs to hear.

After a successful meeting, Suki meets Eve at No.31, thanking her for her advice and the pair passionately kiss.

Suki then prepares to leave Walford for Mumbai and Kheerat refuses to see her before she leaves.

Another difficult day ends for Suki and Eve is, once again, with her at home, ready to comfort her.

But things escalate and the pair are soon romping in bed.

Could there be more heartbreak ahead for Eve?


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4. Jack and Chelsea grow close

Months after the explosive arrest of her serial killer husband Gray Atkins, Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) is finding life as a single mother in Albert Square somewhat difficult.

This week, she admits to using her mother Denise's (Diane Parish) washing machine because she can't afford her own.

A concerned Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) offers her money – without telling his wife Denise.

In later scenes, however, he tells Chelsea he won't be able to give her anymore cash.

And when Denise walks in, he suggests that Chelsea rents the rooms in her home, leaving the beauty salon owner perplexed and rattled by their obvious closeness.

Is Denise looking too much into it?

Chelsea also catches Jack's daughter Amy bunking off school with Denzel Danes.

Will her bond with the police officer push her to tell him anything?

5. Alfie's secret is exposed

Elsewhere in Walford, Alfie Moon should know better than to keep secrets from those who know him best.

Upon his comeback to Walford, Alfie Moon (played by Shane Ritchie) was adamant on stopping the owner of Kat's Cabs from tying the knot with tough man Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

But he will have some explaining to do when Kat finds out he's actually about to walk down the aisle himself.

It all begins when Alfie comes to the realisation that a grand gesture may be his way back into Kat's heart after a few words of wisdom from Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier).

Later on, the lad helps Alfie with an extravagant flower display for Kat.

Sadly, things take a nasty turn when she finds out exactly where the flowers have come from.

Alfie later apologises and insists that their friendship is all that matters to him.

The former spouses then head over to The Vic to seal their friendship – but a surprising visitor interrupts their moment.

Kat and Alfie are speechless when a young woman enters the iconic Walford pub.

To make matters worse, she reminds Alfie that he is getting married the following day.

As he faces Kat, who is eager to get an explanation from him, Alfie finds himself in a difficult position.

However, he quickly explains that the young woman who came into The Vic to remind him of his nuptials – Megan – is not his fiancé.

To prove it, Alfie suggests taking Kat to meet his real fiancée – but how will she react?

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And who is Alfie's fiancée?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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