First Dates viewers stunned as gorgeous singleton reveals her age – insisting she looks 'at least 10 years younger'

FIRST Dates viewers have been left stunned after a gorgeous singleton revealed her age – insisting she looks 'at least 10 years younger'.

Tuesday night's episode of the Channel 4 dating show saw Sylthea arrive at the restaurant looking for love.

Sylthea met property developer Dave but viewers were more interested in her ageless beauty than their chemistry.

Sylthea, a financial investigator, looked gorgeous for the date in a white low cut cropped jumped with wide sleeves and high waisted jeans.

With her glowing skin and her hair draped over one shoulder, Sylthea looked radiant, so viewers were shocked when she revealed in the diary room that she was 42.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ""Sylthea is 42!? F*** off. No.way. I thought she was late twenties/early thirties! #firstdates."

Another added: "42? Where?"

A third tweeted: "Sylthea looks fab for 42! #FirstDates."

A fellow fan of the show agreed, writing: "Sylthea doesn’t look her age, she looks amazing…"

Maitre d' Fred Sirieix was also impressed, as he exclaimed when she arrived: "You’re ready to kill!"

However, her date with Dave didn't end with romance, as Sylvia said: "He’s interesting and I like that, and he’s different.

"I wanted to probe more. I knew there was more behind Dave. He’s not written off, if you see what I mean."

She added to Dave: "I think that we can get on really well as friends, if it led on, then fair enough."

First Dates continues next Tuesday, February 23 at 10pm on Channel 4.

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