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FIRST Dates star Fred Siriex has managed to give his fans a smile from his hospital bed after undergoing two very uncomfortable procedures.

Fred, 51, has today had both a gastroscopy and colonoscopy in a bid to find out the root cause of an iron deficiency, which was discovered in a blood test.

The French telly star has admitted he toyed with the idea of sedation but researched about whether he could withstand the pain without.

Fred ended up avoiding the drugs and has told fans that he managed both procedures without the need to be knocked out.

In a new Instagram post, he has been snapped holding his fingers in a peace sign while wearing a hospital gown.

Another photograph shows the First Dates maître d'hôtel up and dressed and posing with his consultant.


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Fred's followers have been quick to wish him well, with one writing: "Glad you got this done and leaving any thing to fate and chance. Well done my friend.

"Have a fab weekend and enjoy your dinner tonight. Big hug."

Another wrote: "Thanks for sharing your experience Fred, you probably saved someone from feeling unnecessarily scared of the procedure."

A third penned: "I’m having both done tomorrow so needed to hear this! Thanks Fred just need to get through tonight."

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And someone else praised: "Agree 💯 with your description of both procedures. And it's great that you are sharing your experience to help others. Thank you Fred."

Fred has told fans he had to have both a gastroscopy and colonoscopy following a blood test.

The NHS states that a gastroscopy "is a test to check inside your throat, food pipe (oesophagus) and stomach, known as the upper part of your digestive system".

Medics carry out the procedure by passing a long, thin, flexible tube with a small camera inside it down the throat and into the stomach.

A colonoscopy is described as: "A colonoscopy is a test to check inside your bowels.

"This test can help find what's causing your bowel symptoms.

"A long, thin, flexible tube with a small camera inside it is passed into your bottom."

Fred told his followers: "A while back I had a routine blood test which came back with a slight deficiency in iron.

"This needed investigating. And so I was booked for a gastroscopy & colonoscopy.

"To be honest the mere thought of these procedures really stressed me out. What might be found?

"Not only that but these are invasive procedures. In the USA & France patients go under sedation when undergoing these two procedures.
In the UK it is different. Patients can opt out of sedation.

"A gastroscopy only requires a numbing spray on the throat while air and gaz is offered for the colonoscopy.

"Prior to the procedures I was debating what to do. To sedate or not to sedate?

"Is it needed? Would I feel unbearable pain if I did not have it? Or would the pain actually come from the fear and anxiety associated with such procedures?"

Fred went on to explain that he opted to go without sedation after speaking to his brother Pierre – a doctor, cancer researcher and one of the inventors of the Cytospong – and Oxford Gastroenterologist consultant Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman.

He said: "You see I do not believe nor want to take drugs I do not need.

"I’m busy and can’t afford to take 24 hours off just because I’m scared of a simple tube and camera going from my mouth to my stomach and another going from my bum to the end of my colon. Still. No point to be a hero for nothing."

Fred added: "Both told me I could take it and it was not necessary to be sedated. I trust them, I therefore followed their advice and went without.

"The gastrocopy is the most unpleasant of the two because it makes you gag. Basically it is awful. However it just lasts 5 minutes. Pain wise I’ve had much worse. Anyone could take it.

"The colonoscopy is easy peasy in contrast. A bit weird I must admit because it is up your bum but we all have one and c’est la vie. However it is NOT painful. It lasts about 20/30 minutes."

Fred even mused about the moment the medics in the room grilled him about his pal and telly co-star Gino d'Acampo.

He said he will be now resting at home with biscuits, an Indian takeaway and a bottle of red wine.



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Fred is best know for his role as maître d'hôtel in First Dates.

He also stars in Celebrity Gogglebox alongside his longterm partner, Fruitcake.

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