Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree opens up on financial concerns ‘Not made of money’

Angel Adoree reveals the stresses of moving house

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Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge have come a long way with their fairytale chateau since initially buying and revamping it for their wedding in 2015 before turning it into a thriving business. With their journey documented on Channel 4’s hit Escape to the Chateau, the early doubts and struggles the couple faced is clear. In the second episode of the first series, Angel explains she and Dick are worried about everything they have in front of them because they aren’t “made of money”.

Although the smaller projects could be taken on by the couple, who are talented in their DIY fields, some of the bigger jobs proved troublesome.

Essential electrics, plumbing and plastering still had to be completed by the time the couple had used up a lot of their savings.

Work was beginning to fall behind, and Angel voiced some concerns the soon-to-be married couple shared.

“We are not made of money. It is a constant expense.”

She continued: “And you know what, bit of a shock for Dick and I, but things are expensive here – much more than in the UK.”

“I’ve waited five weeks for my double-glazed window panes, and I’m still waiting,” Dick stated, expressing his frustration with delays.

As money issues continued, Angel later explained: “Dick and I are at a point where we really do need to sit down and work out what we’re not going to do.”

Angel also had the task of creating some decorative wedding invites.

“I’m about to print Dick and I’s wedding invitations onto tea towels.

“And I just want all the care and love that we put into our invites to stay with people.”

Creative Angel used a screen printer and 19th-century technique to create an imprint on the towels reading “Dick and Angel” along with a design of the chateau.

“It represents where we are in our life right now,” Angel commented. “I am so so so chuffed but I’ve got about 180 left to do.”

Eager to make a start on the remainder of the chateau, the couple also visited a flea market to look for some furniture.

A pair of unique chairs caught Angel’s eye, and she purchased them for the price requested, laughing that she was a “terrible haggler”.

The revamping of the 1860s Chateau de La Motte Husson proved to be a huge effort.

However, it was worth it for the family, who have succeeded in the seven years since in creating the flourishing business they had dreamed of.

With their young children Arthur and Dorothy, they have built up a huge following of fans who enjoy their DIY tips and watching the transformations they make.

A huge fanbase continues to enjoy updates on the couple and what they get up to.

The husband and wife team also offered extra DIY tips on a spin-off series, Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend.

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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