Escape the the Country's Nikki Chapman begs buyer not to cry as property hunt takes emotional turn

ESCAPE To The Country host Nikki Chapman admitted she was on the brink of tears as a contestant confessed "I'm going to cry," over their dream rural retreat.

The BBC One presenter begged the show stars not to blub over the final home which they were so taken with, for fear of an all-round emotional outburst.

Nikki, 54, had accompanied Mel and Rich around the Wye Valley in the search for their dream Escape To The Country home.

They had a generous budget of £700,000 to secure their first home together, complete with space for their older children and animals.

Both were completely taken by a period property nestled in English Bicknor, as Mel promptly gushed she was "speechless."

Rich guessed so close to the mark, estimating its value at £720,000, while Mel, who had predicted prices correctly through the episode, was again on the money at £700,000.

This prompted Mel to gush: "I love it. Absolutely love it."

BBC host Nikki quizzed: "Is it making your heart flutter?" to which the taken-aback contestant agreed: "It is, yeah."

Just seconds later, overcome with emotion, she told the presenter: "I’m gonna cry in a minute."

Nikki too confessed she was close to tears and warned: "Don’t! Because you’ll set me off!"

She added: "Get the tissues out," as the trio fell about laughing.

They put themselves together for one final tour of the stunning brick and white-fronted property, boasting five bedrooms, two family bathrooms and 1.5 acres of land.

The following day they put in an offer for the idyllic retreat, with Nikki gushing she was "thrilled" to be a part of the process.

With the offer accepted, Rich surmised of their new living quarters: "It blows your mind."

Meanwhile, in a previous episode, Nikki was left baffled when she came across a very specific property request.

She was left lost for words when Irena and Peter from London confessed that they needed space in their new pad for their beloved baby grand piano.

A shocked Nicki replied: "This is a first for me. I've never had that request before.

"Living in the country in this beautiful country pad, you're going to have enough room to practice every morning on the piano!"

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