Emmerdale’s Jacob Gallagher left fighting for his life after cruel stabbing twist

It was another exciting night in Emmerdale on Wednesday, as Leyla Cavanagh’s battle to resist the temptation of drugs came to an emotional head as she struggled to process her breakup from husband Dr.Liam Cavanagh.

In Tuesday night’s episode the dishy doctor had asked Leyla to sign papers for divorce, sending the wedding planner on a downward spiral to beat her breakup blues, with things taking one step further the following day as she contacted her former drug dealer to score a bag of cocaine.

Wrestling with her own demons and whether or not to take a line, Leyla had the drugs on full show as she struggled to resist temptation, only for son Jacob to walk in and immediately presume the worst of his former addict mum.

Leyla’s drug addiction has long been a sore spot for the teen, as he was devastated by his mum's habit when she landed herself in hospital after overdosing last year.

Lashing out at his mum for putting the family through the trauma of seeing her in the hospital in last year’s heartbreaking scenes, he emotionally declared ”Do you love us?” as she lay in her hospital bed.

He then made her promise to “never put us through that again.”

It was this promise that made Wednesday’s revelation all the more harrowing for Jacob, as he angrily chewed out his mother for contacting her former dealer, as he fought back the tears to see her in such a state.

Unwilling to listen to her pleas that she was still clean and hadn’t actually taken any drugs, Jacob then locked his mother in her bedroom and contacted drug dealer Callum while pretending to be her.

Heading out into the wilderness to meet with Callum, an angry Jacob soon lashed out at the drug dealer as he warned him to stay away from his mum and even threatened him with a knife if he didn’t do so.

However, Jacob soon came to regret his actions, as during a tussle with Callum, it was the teen himself who was stabbed in the stomach, with Callum swiftly fleeing the scene and leaving Jacob in a potentially deadly situation.

As soon as she the scenes unfolded on screen, fans raced to social media to share their thoughts, with many shocked by the sudden plot twist, as they had feared it would be Leyla who was the casualty of her own addiction.

“Well I didn’t expect Jacob to be carrying a knife and certainly didn’t expect him to get stabbed tonight. Looked in the chest!” wrote one fan.

Another then commented: “Jacob noooo! But what did he expect?”

Several other fans were quick to call out the young man for choosing violence to solve the situation in the first place, with several thinking he’d brought the injury on himself.

“Well done jacob, good job. He's basically the new Aaron, thinks he's tough, but can't do anything himself without screwing it up,” lamented one fan.

While another agreed, adding: “What a mare! You go out to stab someone then end up getting stabbed with your own knife, but only after giving it Quincy ME vibes first.”

A third then made a reference to the show’s recent Al Chapman murder plot, as they commented: “See Kyle was smart when he used a gun, Kyle is a professional, Jacob is an amateur.”

Will Jacob survive the ordeal?

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX.


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