Emmerdale star warns that Cain may kill for real: 'It's the nature of his DNA'

It may seem that Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is currently at rock bottom in Emmerdale. Spending Christmas behind bars as he covers for the fact that his son Kyle (Huey Quinn) accidentally shot Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) dead, Cain’s future looks bleak.

His determination to take the punishment for what Kyle did means he’s looking at a very long stretch in prison.

The appearance of his brother Caleb (William Ash) into his life at Christmas doesn’t exactly help, either. Cain and Caleb haven’t seen each other for 30 years after a huge falling out – the details of which will be revealed in a special flashback episode on Boxing Day.

And having Caleb wandering around the village while Cain is stuck inside is hard for him to take, as Jeff Hordley explained.

‘He’s not coping very well because he wants to protect Kyle and he’s worried the secret’s going to get out and Kyle’s going to end up inside, and that’s the one thing he wants to protect the most, so he’s not coping at all,’ he said.

‘He doesn’t trust [Caleb],’ he continued. ‘He’s thinking “I’ve lied to him in the past, he’s gonna want to do something to me.” That’s the way Cain thinks. I did a scene with Natalie (J. Robb, who plays Moira) yesterday where he’s like “I don’t trust him,” and that’s because of the history that you see in the flashback. That explains an awful lot. Cain was looking after Chas (Lucy Pargeter) on his own, do you want to bring another person into the equation?’

Jeff revealed that, although Cain didn’t kill Al, he’s certainly capable of killing.

‘There’s always potential with the nature of the character [to kill],’ he said. ‘Fortunately, that’s not happened yet. There’s only a few characters in the soap world who have killed people and are still there because that’s the nature of soap, you have to get your comeuppance.

‘But because of the nature of Cain’s DNA, there’s always potential for that to happen.’

Could Cain be prepared to kill his brother?

Obviously he’d have to get out of prison first, but it sounds like Caleb perhaps shouldn’t get too comfortable in the village just yet.

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