Emmerdale star hits back at Twitter troll after comment asking who he is

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Soap star Reece Dinsdale has taken to social media to hit back at a troll after a comment was left underneath one of his tweets.

The Emmerdale actor retweeted the comment and slammed the troll who was hiding under the name of a popular cereal box character.

The Twitter user, who goes by the name @TonytheTiger online, said: "Who are you, and why do you have a blue tick?"

To which Reece Dinsdale replied: "Why do you ask? Have I claimed to be anyone?

"No doubt you’ll come back saying it was just an innocent question. I see you, Tony."

Reece's fans came out in full force to show their support to the star.

One person tweeted: "Says the person who hides behind a cereal character, off you pop!"

Another said: "The irony of someone with a cereal packet as a name and pic asking anyone "who are you" is priceless"

While a third penned: "Reece Dinsdale, Actor/ Director & Nice Person, respectable to his fans."

And a fourth wrote: "Why not just Google him? No need for the sarcastic question You’ll find he’s an extremely accomplished gentleman with morals values opinions & a very successful career. Who are you?"

This comes after it was announced that Reece Dinsdale, who has appeared on both Emmerdale and Coronation Street will be returning to the cobbles.

Taking to Twitter, he told his 75,000 Twitter followers: "Up bright and early today. First day of my #Corrie shoot. The rover returns. Right… let’s have it!"

The tweet was accompanied by a shot of the iconic Rovers Return pub sign.

Actress Lucy Avison, who plays Corrie's Chloe Pearson, responded: "So excited to work with you Reece! x"

His ill-fated Corrie character arrived in 2008, but mounting debts and a painkiller addiction led to a desperate Joe deciding to fake his death in an insurance scam in 2010.

However, unlucky Joe's John Darwin-style plan to vanish on Lake Windermere in the Lake District went horribly wrong when a gust of wind caused a sail pole on his boat Gail Force to knock him unconscious into the water.

Joe drowned and poor Gail went to prison for a while, charged with his murder.

After leaving Corrie, Reece went on to play another terrible soap partner, Paul Ashdale in Emmerdale, who married Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) but died on their wedding day in a van crash involving Jimmy King (Nick Miles).

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