Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate actress promises more ‘twists’ following Will unveiling

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Fans of the ITV soap will be on the edge of their seats this week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal Kim (played by Claire King) will be found dead, and Will (Dean Andrews) is going to end up looking very suspicious. But will it all be as it seems? Claire spoke to Express.co.uk about the dramatic plot set to unfold and promised that more twists would be in store.

Kim and Jamie Tate (Alex Lincoln) start to suspect Will might be the one trying to poison Kim and come up with a novel way of catching him in the act.

They decide to set up a camera to film Will spiking Kim’s drinks – but things don’t go according to plan.

Claire said: “They set up Kim Cam – everyone’s loving Kim Cam. And so they set up the horse’s head in front of the drinks trolley and she sets up this ruse that she’ll actually try and attract Will to come to the house.

“She makes an excuse to say that the oven door’s been broken by Noah when he was trying to fix it, but she’s all dressed up to the nines to try and seduce him.

“And Jamie’s watching everything from the office. So the idea is to get Will somehow to poison Kim’s drink, and then get him arrested, and then job sorted.”

She continued: “But then Jamie gets a call after Dawn’s interrupted him at the office, and everything’s going well as far as Jamie is concerned.

“The next thing Jamie gets a call from the police saying that his mother’s collapsed, she’s on the floor and get back to Home Farm – he sees Will being arrested, and Kim’s spark out, and that’s when he’s told that she’s actually dead.”

Talking about whether viewers will still have more to discover after Will is found at the scene of Kim’s lifeless body – and with Diazepam in his toolbox, Claire explained: “Yes, they will be.

“Because there are twists and turns in it so I think when it comes out, it doesn’t sound as obvious as how I’ve just told you now. I think it will be a shock at the end of it.”

Talking about Kim’s own suspicions of Will, Claire explained: “I mean, she’s kind of whittled it down after the weird lunch party where she’s announced her retirement just to kind of throw a line out and try and reel someone in.

“So she’s kind of whittling it down. Jamie’s had Noah, his little spy, sneaking around and he’s told him to just keep an eye on Gabby because we already know she’s been stealing money off Kim anyway in the business.

“So, Kim’s not trusting her too much at the moment. But I think we’re getting to the stage where it’s getting crucial trying to find out who it actually is.”

Claire revealed Kim will be devastated when she starts to suspect Will.

“In the meantime, Kim’s absolutely heartbroken because she does have feelings for Will.

“They get on, he’s a straight-talker, she thought he’s completely honest. He’s shown that he has feelings for her as well.”

Emmerdale bosses said the plot was loosely based on US drama Succession.

When asked what she thought when she heard about it, Claire said: “I’ve watched Succession and I thought there were a really messed up family – more than the Tates!

“I enjoyed Succession but then again like the Tates, they are pretty messed up.

“And then when they said oh it’s going to be like a succession storyline I thought: ‘Oh great, but if it’s like Succession, does that mean I’m going?’

“But I think our picture was actually better than the original Succession picture – just saying – but well done to everybody, it was really good, it was very clever.

“Because we couldn’t all be in the same room at the same time so we all did it individually and then it was all photoshopped in so it looked fantastic, which was very similar, actually to the lunch party we did.

“Because we’re only allowed four people on set at one point.

“So with seven people actually in the room, we had to have four people socially distanced apart, and then in between, there were photos on lollipop sticks that we had to act to whilst the other three members of the cast were delivering their lines from another room.

“So it was a bit of a tricky one to do actually, at the time and it took a long time.”

Emmerdale continues on Thursday at 8pm on ITV.

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