Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle used by mum Charity to track down Kirin

CHARITY Dingle uses Debbie to track down Vanessa’s ex Kirin Kotecha – who could return to take custody of her son if she doesn’t survive her cancer battle.

Viewers of the ITV soap will know that Vanessa is currently in the midst of a bowel cancer fight that has left viewers fearing that she won't survive the ordeal.

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Viewers have watched Vanessa and partner Charity bicker over who will look after Johnny if she dies.

Charity was wounded when Vanessa initially asked Rhona – and not Charity – to be Johnny’s guardian in the case of her death.

But the pair eventually managed to come to an agreement and decided that Charity was going to adopt Johnny. 

But the decision wasn’t as straight forward as they’d hoped – and they soon realised they would need permission from Vanessa’s ex Kirin before going ahead. 

Kirin – played by Adam Fielding – was last seen back in 2016 after he killed Tess Harris, and it’s believed that he's since moved to South America.

Charity is determined to see Johnny’s adoption through in Emmerdale – despite the complications.

But when Charity approached Priya Kotecha to ask her if she could shed light on his whereabouts, she disappointed her and admitted she had no idea where he was. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Tracy tell Charity that she’s around if she ever needs to chat during such a stressful time.

When Charity overhears that Al is stuck in Aberdeen, she spots an opportunity and suggests that she and Priya will make a deal.

She announces that Debbie will sort out his car, if Priya contacts Kirin’s sister.

Will Charity's cunning plan to get in contact with Kirin work?

And will he agree to her adopting Johnny?

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