Emmerdale: How did Carl King die?

Carl King (Tom Lister) was a force in Emmerdale – but was killed off during the live 40th anniversary episode in October 2012.

The character’s death, though more than 10 years ago, is still having an impact on the hit ITV soap, as Carl’s son Tom King (James Chase) is back in the Dales once more.

Tom left Emmerdale as a teenager, after causing havoc for Carl’s ex-fiance Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter). Believing she was responsible for his dad’s demise, he creepily stalked her, sending threatening messages.

The youngster had wanted revenge… but did Chas actually have anything to Carl’s death?

How did Carl go, exactly?

How did Carl King die in Emmerdale?

After an eight-year stint on Emmerdale and after becoming one of the show’s main antagonists, Carl was murdered by his enemy Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).

The live episode began with Carl’s ex Chas – who jilted him on their wedding day in a ploy to get revenge for cheating on her – marrying Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

However, Carl knew she was having an affair with Cameron, and had been blackmailing the pair to repay the money she’d taken for their ill-intentioned nuptials.

He confronted her, and later went toe-to-toe with Cameron in a church, with the pair insulting each other.

After another confrontation, Carl tried to rape Chas in the back of a campervan – so she smashed a brick over his head in a bid to escape.

Carl arose wounded, and viewers saw him send a picture of Chas and Cameron together on his phone.

Cameron, meanwhile, witnessed Chas running away – and went to investigate.

He found Carl, and after a tense exchange hit him again with the same brick, in the same place, killing him.

Famously, Carl’s last words were: ‘Because I’m indestructible!’

Chas’ marriage to Dan didn’t work out after the affair was revealed – and she initially believed she was responsible for Carl’s death, but later discovered it was Cameron’s doing.

Cameron killed again twice, before holding the patrons of The Woolpack pub hostage at gun point in 2013, where he was electrocuted to death.

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