Emmerdale fans work out sinister Hazel twist as Kim learns dead Jamie is alive

Emmerdale fans have been left suspicious over Andrea Tate's mother Hazel as Kim Tate finally discovered that her "dead" son Jamie was actually still alive and faked his own death.

During the latest episode on Thursday, Kim learnt that Hazel had ended up in hospital as she went to visit her and discovered that she had been pushed down the stairs by Jamie.

Hazel explained that Jamie had faked his own death and that he wanted to flee the country with his daughter Millie but she tried to stop him, resulting in the attack as she exclaimed: "He tried to kill me!"

Kim then reported the attempted murder to the police and took granddaughter Millie back to Home Farm, where she struggled to deal with the news about Jamie.

However, fans have been left suspicious over Hazel, especially as she previously helped Jamie fake his own death, as they pointed out a hole in her story.

Viewers questioned why Jamie would leave Millie if he pushed Hazel down the stairs so he could flee the country with his daughter.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Sooo..Jamie pushes her down the stairs for trying to prevent him fleeing the country with Millie yet flees the scene without Millie…please make that make sense! #emmerdale."

A different account put: "So Jamie pushed her down the stairs, but then didn’t grab Millie and leave. V odd #emmerdale."

While another soap watcher added: "I don't trust this woman. #emmerdale."

And things went from bad to worse when Millie decided to run away but she was thankfully found safe in the village later in the episode.

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