Emmerdale fans predict Kim Tate will become softer after son Jamies death

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Kim Tate is known for her brutality but viewers believe that the Emmerdale favourite may be about to show a different side to her personality.

The character was dealt a shattering blow when she received a call saying that her son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) had been in a bad accident.

Jamie had been escaping from the village when his 4X4 ploughed into a lake after almost hitting an oncoming vehicle that was being driven by Chas Dingle.

Despite both Chas and Jamie avoiding one another, he managed to lose control of his car that drove through a bunch of bushes before he came face to face with a lake at the side of the road.

Tonight's episode saw Jamie's love interest, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) that he is not in love with her, before adding that she is not even his "consolation prize".

During their heated argument, Kim, who had declared her son as "dead" to her stepped aside to answer a withheld phone call that later turned out to be the police.

The police had informed Kim that Jamie had been in an "awful accident" before she rushed to the scene acting like a doting mother.

Shortly after the scenes aired, viewers took to Twitter, speculating as to whether this could see Kim change her wicked ways.

One viewer penned: "I wonder if Jamie does die then this will make Kim into a softer person. Kim's always been so hard around Jamie and has never seen him as a good person. I think this will put things into perspective for Kim now."

"So Kim isn't cold-hearted as she says… She cares about Jamie really #emmerdale," said a second.

Before a third tweeted: "Oh dear, a little late to start feeling guilty now, Kim #Emmerdale."

"Kim now will pretend to be the devoting mother now #Emmerdale," typed a fourth.

While at the crash scene, Kim was left enraged when the police officers refused to disclose any information to her.

"She raged: "If you can't tell us, we need to speak to someone who can right now, where is he?

"Tell me what you are doing to find him, so get more police here, get everyone here."

Jamie's car was later pulled from the lake but Kim was left speechless when she discovered that he was not inside the vehicle.

Emmerdale continues at 7pm on Monday on ITV One.

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