Emmerdale fans compare Noah Dingle to Line of Duty's Kate Fleming after conniving undercover plot

EMMERDALE fans have compared Noah Dingle to Line of Duty's Kate Fleming after getting involved in an undercover plot.

The teen – played by Jack Downham in the ITV soap – was offered a secret job from Jamie Tate in last night's episode.

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Jamie, his mum Kim (Claire King) and the mother of his child Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) decided to grab a bite to eat at The Woolpack and bumped into Noah, who was serving at the bar.

When Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) went up to order a drink at the bar he explained that he might have a job for his nephew if he's still looking.

Jamie explained: "Well I haven't got the exact details, but I was thinking a sort of handy man role."

As Noah sighed at his offer, he said: "I bet you wouldn't do it!"

Jamie then let him know his real plans…

He said: "Look the handy man thing is just a cover. What I really need for you to do is be my eyes and ears…"

Noah jokingly replied: "So I don't have to do any work?"

He said: "That's not much of a cover if you don't do any work si it? What I need you to do is keep an eye on Gabby…"

A shocked Noah replied: "Spy on her?"

Jamie said: "If that's what you want to call it, yeah."

He added: "Mum's not being herself lately and Gabby's taking advantage and getting too involved in the business.

"Frankly I don't trust her. You can let me know what she's up to, can'tyou?"

Fans of the hit show couldn't help but draw resembles between Noah and Line of Duty's Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure).

The policewoman is currently helping AC-12 sniff out bent coppers despite leaving the squad to join a Murder Investigation Team.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Noah is the new Kate Fleming #Emmerdale."

Meanwhile others are concerned about Noah and the new job prospect.

Another said: "Noah shouldn't accept the cover job. Working with Jamie will spell disaster #Emmerdale."

A third said: "can't see Noah working for Jamie going down well with the Dingles, especially Moira & Cain. Moira's been good to Noah & this is how he repays her. no loyalty. looks like Noah's more like Charity after all. #Emmerdale."

As viewers will know, Jamie has every right to be suspicious of Gabby.

Last night it was confirmed that Kim IS being poisoned by someone.

She dramatically collapsed earlier this week and called the doctors to see if they could help, as she fears she is suffering from dementia like her own father.

Little does she know that someone is trying to harm her.

At the end of the episode Kim walked into the kitchen, while the camera showed her drinks trolley.

A gloved hand was seen tipping a poison into Kim’s brandy – but who could it be?

There are at least three suspects who are behind the crime – her son Jamie, Gabby or her ex Will Taylor.

The doctor was keen to take Kim's bloods when she came to visit, but Gabby wasn't keen on the idea… could it be because she's poisoning her?

Next week Kim's health deteriorates and she begs Lydia Dingle for help.

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