Emmerdale, Coronation Street, EastEnders and Hollyoaks spoilers: All next week’s biggest soap stories

Let's gaze into our soap-stained crystal ball at some of the most eye-catching plotlines from next week’s Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks in our weekly soap round-up, shall we?


Little baby Peggy suffers a terrifying health scare – Louise and Keanu are proud and happy parents after welcoming their new daughter Peggy into the world. We all know that joy is set to be pretty short lived when Keanu’s affair with Sharon gets out, but for now, they’re enjoying it.

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Well, they were.

Next week, Peggy has respiratory problems in hospital and stops breathing. Understandably, everyone is worried sick and there are serious concerns over the wee bairn’s life. Thankfully her condition stabilises and she makes a full recovery. But – obviously – it’s not likely to be all smiles for long.

Whitney finds herself in serious danger – Still unaware that Leo is hiding his true identity as the son of her former abuser Tony, Whitney is made up when he whisks her away for a night in a fancy hotel as a birthday treat.

Leo’s intentions begin to become clearer when he intercepts phone calls from Whitney from Callum and Tiffany and starts letting his dark side out. But just how will he exact his revenge on Whitney…?

Coronation Street

It turns out Geoff and Yazmeen tied the knot in Vegas! – It’s the classiest way to get hitched, to do it in Vegas, boozed up on free casino G&T’s. There’s no proof that Yazmeen and Geoff had hit the gin beforehand, but they definitely got married.

The spur-of-the-moment move shocks everyone back in Weatherfield, with Ayla particularly disturbed by the news. Is she just worried about her inheritance, though? That’s Geoff assumption, anyway.

It seems as if what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Drunk Daniel gets decked by a driver – Three sheets to the wind, Daniel Osbourne decides it’s a good idea to step out in front of Cathy as she’s driving down Coronation Street.

He gets to his feet and claims to be alright, but eyewitness Bethany isn’t convinced. Things soon get even more complicated when Daniel admits to Bethany that his drinking session was inspired by Sinead’s video about her.


Archie goes missing. Arthur’s torment of Archie worsens next week as he recruits young Angelica to join in the teasing and bullying of Jai’s son. Archie lashes out, slapping Angelica in front of Jimmy and gets chastised for it.

Jai, in turn, sees Jimmy have a go at Archie and a fight breaks out. The next day – Archie disappears…

Kim shows her nice side (perhaps) – Seemingly feeling festive, Kim decides to pay for Jamie, Andrea and Millie to go on a Christmassy trip to Lapland. Which is a decidedly un-Kim thing to do. As such, Graham becomes increasingly suspicious of her motives.

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Someone’s out to get Mercedes. Fresh out of hospital, Mercedes McQueen needs a little recovery time. She doesn’t get it, though. Not by a long chalk. What she gets instead is a serious fright when a mysterious assailant jumps her, scares her half to death and disappears without a trace.

It’s all meant to intimidate her. Does it work? You betcha.

So there you go. Just a taste of some of Soapland’s biggest storyline heading your way as of next week. So that’s your evenings sorted for next week, then.

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