Emma Bunton’s husband Jade Jones hopes to repeat Spice Girls success with ultimate 90s boyband tour including stars from A1, 911 and 5ive – The Sun

EMMA Bunton's Jade Jones has revealed he would love to emulate the success of the recent Spice Girls reunion with his new 90s boyband tour.

Jade, 40,  has teamed back up with his group Damage and is hitting the road for The Boys Are Back tour next year, alongside fellow boybands of yesteryear, 5ive, A1 and 911.

Appearing on Lorraine yesterday with 5ive's Scott Robinson, A1's Ben Adams and 911's Jimmy Constable, Jade said: "[Emma] did her show and it was amazing. They did an awesome job.

"She is incredible. The spice girls thing was incredible. I am just happy to be going on the road and doing something with these boys. It's going to be fun."

He also revealed that he and Emma, 43, may team up for another duet in the future after they collaborated on a cover version of You're All I Need to Get By on her recent album.

Asked by host Christine Lampard about working with his wife again, Jade said: "Possibly… Maybe there is something in the pipeline. We love being in the studio, it's such a family affair and we had the kids [Tate, 8,  and Beau, 12] in the studio and it was so nice to be doing music together."

But first Jade will be on hitting the road with his boyband supergroup next February for a UK-wide tour.

5ive, Damage, A2 and 911 have 42 hit singles between them, but the lads admit they are not quite sure how the gig will work yet.

Scott (whose band 5ive now consists of just three members- himself, Ritchie Neville and Sean Conlon) explained: "We think it will be individual bands going on at individual times but we are taling about possibly doing a medley…I want to do sing some Damage songs."

Jade chipped in: I want to do some 5ive moves…I want to see Scott do some Damage moves."

"I think it's going to be like a two month long stag do," laughed Ben.

And they added it will be a family affair this time around.

"It's going to be a little bit like a creche because there are kids and the wives will be having a few drinks before," Scott revealed. "I am sure we will in the dressing room too."

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