Emily Atack reveals three ex-lovers called her Inbetweeners character's name and one during sex

EMILY Atack revealed three ex-lovers called her by her Inbetweeners character's name and one during sex – but she still carried on.

The star, 30 – who played Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the E4 comedy – said she's been called by that name three times.

However, Emily said she "laughed it off" and continued each time.

"I've been called Charlotte by three different dates.

"I've always forgiven it because they genuinely haven't meant to do it, and I can see the absolute look of horror on their faces when they realise.

"I've laughed it off, although once I was sleeping with someone when they said it and I was like, 'Oh for f***s sake' – I still carried on though," she told the Mirror.

Emily said she is tackling one-night stands and saucy DMs for her new series The Emily Atack Show.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Emily said: “Discussing one-night stands shouldn’t be such a terrible thing as a woman.

“Blokes are allowed to talk about them until they’re blue in the face so I’m just, like, whatever.

“It’s part of being single, it’s part of your dating life.

“Sometimes one-night stands can be a great thing, sometimes they’re a disaster and I think everyone can relate to that.”

Earlier this month she was pictured in The Sun getting passionate with model Charlie Edwards on a night out. She said: “I’m enjoying dating and definitely having fun.

“When we went into lockdown, I bloody panicked. I live for going out and flirting. I need to be linking someone’s arm and snogging someone in the street!

“Sometimes I’ve dated simply to make myself feel good. It’s a lovely excuse to put on a nice outfit and some make-up and go out . . . flick your hair and show the person who you are and have a lovely evening.”

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