EastEnders theory: New arrival rocks Walford as Mitch Bakers past explored

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EastEnders viewers were stunned when Mitch Baker’s (played by Roger Griffiths) brother Avery Baker (Omar Lye-Fook) arrived in Walford soon followed by his two sons. BBC soap fans know very little about Mitch’s past and upbringing but will he continue to surprise the rest of his family when he decides to contact an estranged relative as he battles with guilt over Avery’s death? 

The two brothers had very little time together in Walford before Avery passed away after losing his battle with terminal cancer. 

As far as EastEnders fans know, the estranged brothers had zero contact with each other during Mitch’s time in Walford.

When Avery arrived, Mitch explained he resented his brother for not supporting him when his daughter Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plumber) died. 

However, once Avery’s terminal cancer diagnosis was revealed the brothers mended their relationship before his tragic death. 

After Avery’s death, the Walford resident could still hold some anger toward his brother.

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Mitch may also begin to battle with feelings of guilt for not solving their feud earlier. 

Express.co.uk spoke to Bianca Neumann, Head of Bereavement at national bereavement charity Sue Ryder who shared her expert advice on coping with grief in relation to Mitch and Avery’s relationship.

She said: “Just because you no longer have a relationship with someone, does not mean you don’t grieve for them when they die.

“If you are estranged from the person when they die, your grief may feel more complicated.  

“This may be because you are still processing and grieving the loss of your relationship as well as their death.”

“There is also an element that you are grieving what should have been and the relationship that you wish you had, and grief can put a huge spotlight on the things you feel you missed,” she continued. 

“Any feelings associated with your grief are normal. You may feel regret for not repairing your relationship before they died, relief that they are no longer part of your life, anger that they were not the person you needed to be or sadness that you never felt you had an apology – or any number of other emotions.  

“It is likely that you will feel a wide range of emotions, which may come and go in waves that can catch you unexpectedly.  

“There is no timeline on grief and you may have days where life feels like it’s gone back to normal and others where your grief feels all-consuming.”

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“Talking about your feelings with friends and family members can help,” Bianca added.

“If you are finding it hard to open up, start with something very simple such as, ‘I’m really struggling with my grief’ and take the conversation on from there.”

EastEnders knew little if anything about Mitch’s sibling before his arrival and it could be possible that there is another Baker brother or sister on the scene. 

Could Avery’s death cause Mitch to reach out to another sibling or relative who he has lost touch with?

Mitch’s guilt over his brother’s death may lead him to reevaluate the relationships he has with his family members. 

However, the Baker family are going through a tough time at the moment with Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay Baker (Ashely Byam) adjusting to their new life without their dad on the square. 

Will the Baker-Taylor can be able to cope if another estranged relative arrives?

Sue Ryder’s Bianca shared advice to any fans of the soap coping with grief. 

She said: “It may be that your friends and family are enough, but if it isn’t, speak to your GP who can help signpost you to bereavement services or Sue Ryder has a range of online bereavement services including a free video bereavement counselling service and online community where you can talk to people who are also grieving.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm. For support and information contact Sue Ryder here.

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