EastEnders star wants happy ending for Janine and Mick after Linda cheated

Janine and Mick (Danny Dyer) are set to tie the knot in upcoming EastEnders episode, and actress Charlie Brooks is desperate for a happy ending for the pair.

‘I want to see them run off into the sunset together,’ Charlie said, ‘but I think the audience might hate me if they do!’

The audience Charlie is referring to are of course the ‘Milinda’ stans. Many viewers have always had a soft spot for Mick and Linda (Kellie Bright) and were heartbroken when the pair split up.

Despite the audience reaction, Charlie is a fan of the storyline, as she believes it shows a different side to the characters.

‘I like the idea that Janine brings out a different side in Mick, sometimes a little bit of a darker side, because he has been walked over by Linda.

‘At the end of the day, Linda did have an affair and have somebody else’s baby and is an alcoholic, so Janine has no sympathy for that whatsoever.

‘She sees Mick as a little bit weak for putting up with all that. Janine’s like, ‘Come over here and misbehave with me!’ and lots of men like a crazy person.

‘Janine is one of those chaotic, crazy, slightly infectious, both in a good and bad way, people. And I’ve loved playing that part of their relationship as well.’

While there have been sparks flying between all three characters on screen, off camera they all get on like a house on fire, Charlie said.

‘The two of us [Charlie and Danny] and Kellie have laughed and laughed over the last year and a half. It’s been fantastic. We’ve all just enjoyed working together so much. It’s been fun. I think we have brought out different sides of each other’s characters, and that’s kept it interesting for all of us. That’s been really fun to play with.’

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