EastEnders spoilers: Paedophile Katy Lewis disgusts daughter Frankie by claiming Mick Carter raped her

PAEDOPHILE Katy Lewis disgusts her daughter Frankie by claiming Mick Carter raped her tonight in EastEnders.

The truth about the abuse Mick suffered at the hands of his former care worker Katy when he was a child has finally come exploding out in recent scenes in the BBC One soap.

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But in a first look at tonight’s tense episode, Katy will try to convince her daughter Frankie that Mick is lying about the abuse.

In emotional scenes, Katy then pleads with Frankie to believe that Mick raped her.

But judging by the devastated look on Katy’s face, Frankie doesn’t swallow her lies. 

Linda Carter is set to discover that Katy had other victims next week, but Frankie will urge Mick not to turn her mother into the police. 

Frankie will introduce her brother Jed to Linda as they prepare to mark the anniversary of their brother Harry’s death at the crematorium.

But when Jed mentions that Harry’s dad never had much to do with him, Linda's ears prick up and she suspects that not all is as it seems. 

When Linda pushes Jed for information on Harry’s father, he flies into a rage and storms out. 

Later, Linda and Mick discuss Katy’s other abuse victims, but Frankie remains adamant she doesn’t want them to report her mother to the police.

Will she change her mind?

The arrival of Mick’s daughter Frankie – who he fathered with Katy when he was just 12 – brought traumatic memories of the abuse flooding back.

But Katy complicated matters when she followed her daughter to the Square and convinced Mick he’d imagined it all – and that Frankie wasn’t his daughter. 

After months of trying to process the abuse, Mick finally confronted Katy in the new year and forced her to admit she’d taken advantage of him.

The former pub landlord then found the strength to tell his wife Linda what had happened.

Mick’s mum Shirley was next to discover the truth after she overheard Katy threaten to tell the police that Mick had raped her, launching herself at Katy and kicking her until she was left crying on the floor. 

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