EastEnders spoilers: Gray Atkins drops bombshell on Keegan Baker on dead wife Chantelle's birthday

EASTENDERS Gray Atkins gets drunk on his late wife Chantelle's birthday and drops a HUGE bombshell on Keegan Baker.

Gray killed Chantelle last year as the soap’s domestic abuse storyline came to a harrowing end.

The Baker prepare to honour Chantelle with a poignant celebration to mark birthday.

After putting off a chat with her boss, Karen meets Mitch, Bailey and Bernie at Walford East as they await Gray’s arrival.

They decide to spend the day together to share happier stories and memories of Chantelle.

However, a guilty Gray has other ideas and spends most of the day downing whiskey at The Vic.

He then texts Karen that he’s held up at work throwing their plans into chaos.

A disappointed Tiff and Keegan are at the club and can’t believe their eyes when Gray turns up hammered.

The lawyer then opens up to Keegan in a heart to heart to help ease his guilty conscious.

Keegan is clearly left stunned by Gray's bombshell but viewers will have to wait and see if he confesses to the murder of Chantelle.

Meanwhile at the chippy, the rest of the Taylor’s share memories of Chantelle and Bernie encourages Karen to see Apostolos this evening.

Chantelle met a tragic end as Gray pushed her onto an upturned knife in the dishwasher as she tried to leave him – and watched her slowly die.

Chantelle was brutally murdered as the soap's domestic abuse storyline came to a harrowing end.

Chantelle had endured months of abuse at the hands of Gray, during which he even broke her arm and manipulated her into apologising.

But after a tortuous lockdown, Chantelle finally decided to flee – and run away with Kheerat and the children.

But viewers watched Gray thwart Chantelle’s plan to flee on a family holiday to Southend when he suspected her plans and managed to keep the children at home with him.

The abusive husband then dragged Chantelle and the kids home, where he eventually ended up killing his wife when she blurted out that she’s leaving him.

Gray then violently pushed her over and impaled her on an upturned knife in the dishwasher as she tried to escape.

Soap fans will have to tune in to see if Gray will finally get him comeuppance.

EastEnders is on BBC One tonight at 8pm.

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