EastEnders fans rejoice as Nish Panesar arrested after Suki fall

EastEnders fans were quick to celebrate on Tuesday night after the dastardly Nish Panesar was arrested on suspicion of Actual Bodily Harm. The unexpected turn of events transpired just days after his wife Suki Panesar had suffered a horror fall down the staircase of her home while planning to flea her loveless marriage to pursue a new life with her lover Eve Unwin.

While the exact circumstances around the fall remain a mystery, fans at home are convinced that Nish had actually pushed his wife after discovering she planned to leave – and on Tuesday it appeared several other characters in the soap also thought the same. Initially, Suki’s son Vinny was concerned she had injured herself on purpose, after it was previously revealed she had told Nish she didn’t love him.

However, Ravi later told his brother that Suki had been planning to leave, leading both brothers to suspect that perhaps Nish had played a bigger role in the terrifying incident which left Suki with a severe concussion and broken ribs.

After appearing to dote on his wife since returning home, Nish was quick to chase away any well-wishers that arrived to visit her, with the family patriarch blindsided later in the episode when two police officers arrived to question Suki over her accident. Clearly rattled by their arrival, Nish made his feelings known, prompting the officers to soon quiz Suki over whether or not her husband had ever been violent towards her.

Despite her pleas to the contrary, the police felt there was sufficient evidence to take Nish to the station, where he was ultimately arrested on suspicion of causing Actual Bodily Harm to his wife. Immediately after the scenes had aired, fans of the soap raced to social media to share there thoughts – including what they thought could happen next as someone close to home had clearly reported Nish to the police.

One fan wrote: "YES! Nish's finally been arrested & given he's totally still out on license shouldn't he be headed straight back inside? Or does he actually have to be charged first? Maybe Suki refuses to press charges? Not enough evidence? Took 3 years to catch Gray let's not forget."

Another added: "Nish arrested for ABH following Suki's mysterious phone box call last week and Suki's "Fall" . . We know Nish will get out of it though like he always does. Suki is so trapped my heart hurts for her."

A third fan also shared their thoughts adding: "FINALLY! So glad he got arrested!"

A fourth then weighed in by writing: "He's going to kill whoever reported him isn't he? Send him down!"

While a fifth commented: "I think Mitch reported Nish to the police. Could he be the Christmas victim instead?"

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