Dungeons and Dragons Honour Among Thieves end credits scene explained

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR DUNGEONS AND DRAGON MOVIE. Dungeons and Dragons Honour Among Thieves has the feel of a Marvel action comedy and just like the comic book movies, there is a mid-credits scene to look forward to.


Before we get to the mid-credits credits scene, there needs to be a little bit of context shared. During the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Chris Pine’s Edgin and our heroes travelled to the Evermoors Cemetery, the burial ground of the Elk tribe. The adventurers were searching for the Helm of Disjunction, an enchanted item that can stop magic use nearby – something they needed to dispel the enchantment on Forge’s vault.

Now the Helm was last seen at the Battle of the Evermoors involving the Elk Tribe. So Simon used his power to resurrect some of the slain to ask if they knew where it was located. However, the catch was that the zombies had to answer five questions before returning to the grave.

During the hilarious scene, Edgin wasted his five on one corpse before eventually getting the answer they needed from the body of Ven Salafin. He was the last to have the Helm before giving it to Xenk Yendar the Thayan, a well-known Paladin played by Regé-Jean Page. However, the group of adventurers left the cemetery with their answer before Ven was asked his fifth and final question.

As a result, the movie’s mid-credits scene is a gag one of poor Ven still waiting in his grave for someone to ask him a fifth and final question so he can return to the dead.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is out now in cinemas.

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