Doctor Who releases unearthed Rose prequel episode fronted by Billie Piper from BBC’s 2005 reboot

DOCTOR Who is releasing an unearthed Rose prequel episode fronted by Billie Piper from the BBC’s 2005 reboot.

As the UK is placed on lockdown because of the coronavirus, people are turning to their TV screens to keep themselves entertained.

As a treat for Doctor Who fans, former show runner Russell T Davies is releasing a prequel episode focusing on Billie's character Rose.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "ROSE livestream and tweet-a-long, THURSDAY 26 MARCH at 7pm GMT.

"Come and have fun! Before that, Thursday daytime, time TBC, we’ll release ROSE: THE PREQUEL on the BBC’s Doctor Who website – it’s a lost piece of history from the 50th anniversary year, 2013.

"Never seen before! ROSE is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer and Netflix; worldwide, check your own resources (don’t ask me, I have no clue!).

"If you can’t find a copy, close your eyes at 7pm GMT and feel my psychic link.

"Yeah. I’ll be tweeting along, twitter handle to be named on Thursday!

"Plus more surprise to come. Oh what a lockdown this is!"

Russell was show runner on Doctor Who from 2005, when it was first rebooted by the BBC, until 2010.

Meanwhile Billie, 37, played the Doctor's companion Rose Tyler for the first two seasons alongside Christopher Eccleston and then David Tennant.

She returned for three episodes in series four before reprising the character again in The End of Time.

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