Dianne Wiest Looks to Never Using Script Again After Fun ‘Let Them All Talk’ Improvisation

The ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ actress joins Meryl Streep and Candice Bergen in Steven Soderbergh’s comedy drama about an acclaimed author inviting her two college friends to a cruise.

AceShowbiz -Actress Dianne Wiest had such a great time improvising her lines in new movie “Let Them All Talk“, she “never” wants to be tied to a script again.

The “Bullets Over Broadway” star joins Meryl Streep and Candice Bergen in Steven Soderbergh’s comedy drama, about a famous author who invites her two old college friends to join her on a cruise across the Atlantic.

The filmmaker instructed his leading ladies to make up their conversations onboard the cruise ship as they went along, and the unconventional production process was a refreshing change for the veteran actors.

“We had certain points that we had to get forward by the end of it (the scene), but it was sort of open-ended and we could talk for as long as we wanted, or as short as we wanted,” Streep told U.S. breakfast show “Today“.

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“In the beginning it was, ‘Woah…,’ ” said Bergen, “(but) once you got used to that it kept everything very vibrant and alive, and fun, actually.”

And for Wiest, the gig was a dream come true, “I love improvising, I just love it so much because you’re so really free to look at the other person and really listen and just be there.”

It was so much fun, Wiest isn’t interested in having to stick to a script on future projects. “It was heaven,” she said on America’s “Watch What Happens Live“. “I never want to use a script again!”

“Let Them All Talk” debuts on America’s HBO Max on Thursday, December 10.

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