Dark on Netflix explained: Is Claudia Tiedemann the White Devil in Dark?

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Netflix series Dark might have ended but some viewers are coming to the show for the first time, while others are revisiting the show in a bid to make sense of the trippy time travel plot. The show also has a huge cast, which may have caused confusion. Despite the series being at an end, there was an endless well of questions and plot points which have kept audiences perplexed.

Is Claudia Tiedemann the White Devil?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Season two saw Claudia Tiedemann (played by Lisa Kreuzer) brought into the story as she encountered Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann).

Claudia was seen popping up all over Winden in different eras as she went to visit HG Tannhaus (Christian Steyer) and later confronted Noah (Mark Waschke).

The elder Claudia and her middle-aged version (Julia Jenkins) were seen time travelling with the latter often missing her meetings with the French delegate at the nuclear power plant.

Claudia also discovered her father Egon Tiedemann (Christian Pätzold) was going to die and in attempting to save him, she precipitated events which led to his demise.

As Egon died, he called her the White Devil, suggesting she was a force for evil. At the time, her moniker suggested she had a sinister agenda.

Additionally, she went back to the 1950s where she encountered a younger version of her father Egon (Sebastian Hülk) and told him he was a good man.

Egon was left unnerved by her arrival and disappearance, later describing her as a “witch”.

She also owned a book in which she was documenting everything about the cycle, which placed her under further suspicion.

Claudia was perhaps described as the White Devil due to her wild, flowing white hair and unkempt look as a time traveller as well as the notion she was working to preserve the apocalypse.

However, in season three the truth about Claudia’s role in the cycle and the Knot was revealed – she was trying to end the whole thing and save her daughter Regina Tiedemann (Deborah Kaufmann).

Claudia figured out over many cycles how the Knot was not reality and in fact had been created from an Origin World.

She enlisted Jonas and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) to destroy the Knot by travelling to the Origin World and altering the course of events which led to the initial creation.

Claudia wasn’t evil at all but a force for good, who had trying to stop her daughter dying and end the apocalypse even if her motives seemed unclear.

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Some fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the significance of Claudia as the White Devil – indeed there’s even an episode with this title which focuses on the character.

One user called valencia-mosca posted: “When Egon first meets old Claudia, he then tells child Claudia that he saw a real witch, witches are usually associated with Satan also.

“An explanation for the “white”, could be that after all Claudia isn’t evil, she just wants to find a way to save Regina.

“Symbolically speaking, white is often related to “good, pure” (in Renaissance paintings, saints and divine characters wear white clothes), that makes me think of Claudia as a good person ready to do anything for her daughter, but seen in another perspective she’s the cause of time travels and the repetition of everyone’s suffering.”

While a second Redditor Beralt added: “Her long white hair as the Elder Claudia? When you decide your opponent is evil, then they are the Devil?

“I thought it was obvious, but these are my theories behind it. Of course season 3 made me doubt this a bit, as I suspected that Eve might have been the White Devil.

“But the episode about Claudia entitled White Devil, causes me to think it’s Claudia entirely.”

Claudia’s description as the White Devil mirrors the idea Noah is the Antichrist and it’s not until season three viewers learnt the truth and who the real players were.

Noah was simply a pawn while Claudia actively seemed to be trying to change time.

The real villain in Dark, if there is one, was Eva (Barbara Nüsse) who was trying to preserve the Knot so she could keep her son the Unknown (Jakob Diehl) alive.

Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) was the one trying to fight Eva and break the Knot but they were locked by the chain of events, while Claudia had more capacity to exercise freewill.

If nothing else, the terms “White Devil” or “White Witch” and “Antichrist” were a misdirect to confuse the viewer and yet simultaneously implanted biblical connotations and references into the mind of the audience.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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