Dancing On Ices Jake Quickenden feared hed be circumcised in skating blunder

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    Jake Quickenden has opened up about his time on ITV's The Full Monty: On Ice and revealed why he found it a little "scary".

    The X Factor star, 34, has shared his ice experience exclusively with the Daily Star during a Facebook Live.

    In 2020, ITV moved The Full Monty to the ice rink and Jake joined a selection of celebs to raise some money for charity.

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    Talking about getting stripping off on the ice, he told us: "Yeah, I was not going to get circumcised on live TV so that was a bit scary.

    "But also what an amazing cause again. Cancer affects many people so to hear other people's stories, and the messages I received and a lot of the other contestants received afterwards, with people saying 'thank you for doing that, I'm going to get checked' made it worth it."

    He added: "I'd just had an operation so when I was skating around I couldn't even move my arm. I had four pins on my shoulder.

    "It was a little bit daunting doing the dance, so I could never skate like I wanted to but I did that with Perri [Kiely] and Chris Hughes. It was wicked, it was such a fun show."

    Jake also admitted to hurting his groin so much on Dancing On Ice that the physio team started to think he was "weird".

    The TV personality opened up about the hilarious encounter with the ITV show's masseuse, called Sharon.

    Jake recalled: "I dislocated my thumb, my knees were swollen and battered, my groins were not in a good way.

    "I think the physio thought I was being a bit weird every day saying my groin is hurting to Sharon. She was like 'you want another groin massage?' And I was like 'yeah please, but seriously feel my groin.'"

    The I'm A Celeb star also revealed his plans to run a marathon later this year in order to raise money for Sarcoma UK.

    Jake, unfortunately, lost his brother to cancer and always tries to raise money and spread awareness when he can.

    "That was my resolution to run the marathon and I'm well underway, I just need to make sure I don't burn myself out. That's all about raising money for charity and hopefully, I'm not that guy wrapped up in tin foil," he concluded.

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