Corrie viewers rage as Geoff gaslights Yasmeen yet again

Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe and Yasmeen Nazir certainly got viewers talking after tonight’s episode.

The characters, played by Ian Bartholomew and Shelley King respectively, were shown having a tense conversation over the phone, with poor Yasmeen speaking from prison.

She is of course charged with his attempted murder after attacking him – despite her suffering a long campaign of gaslighting and abuse at his hands.

Tonight, we saw Geoff try to regain control of Yasmeen yet again, telling her: ‘All I can guarantee is two things. If we still go to trial, you’ll be found not guilty. And when you come home, things will be different.’

To this, Yasmeen replies: ‘How can you possibly be that deluded Geoff? Even if I were to be released, and it’s a huge if, how can we find a way back together again?’

‘I love you, that’s how’ Geoff says, later adding: ‘I’m going to get some professional help’ and ‘I’ve obviously got issues.’

He then blames ex-wife Tessa for making him ‘despise myself,’ adding: ‘I’m sorry for not being what you deserve.’

The conversation ended with Yasmeen promising to call Geoff again – but does this mean she’s back under his spell, or is she casting her own? Fans, naturally, sounded off on Twitter.

‘Yasmeen going to swallow all Geoffs lies again,’ reacted one fan. ‘When will she learn??? [sic]’

A second added: ‘Hope Yasmin is recording that and is gonna trap Geoff.’

A third speculated: ‘Yasmeen is playing Geoff at his own game.’

Another expressed frustration at the storyline, saying: ‘Oh ffs surely they aren’t gunna drag this Geoff storyline out anymore are they?’

Another simple said: ‘The man deserves an Oscar in manipulation.’

That’s succinctly put!

Coronation Street returns on Monday 20 July 2020.

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