Corrie fans feel sick as Tim and Sally head off for intense night of passion

Coronation Street viewers were left cringing as Sally and Tim Metcalfe tried to inject the spark back into their relationship with a night of passion.

The pair had been having some trouble in the bedroom so headed to a spa, with Tim making sure he had some Viagra tucked in his pocket and Sally dropping innuendos like saying she was looking forward to a "good going over", although she was talking about her skin.

But fans of the ITV soap reckoned the whole thing was a bit "hard to watch".

One even said they were feeling "sick" watching the pair, who were seen mulling over their sex life before enjoying a steamy clinch.

"Tim and Sally getting it on…. Cheers," one person tweeted, alongside a picture of someone dripping a cleaning product into their eye.

"Carry on #Corrie returns with Sally and her 'good going over'," said another.

Another posted: "I love Tim and Sally. But that was almost a bridge too far. Wondered what the time was for a second."

"This thing with Tim and Sally is very hard to watch," said another.

"Tim and Sally are becoming quite cringey tbh!" confessed another viewer.

Someone else wrote on Twitter: "I actually beg #corrie to STOP showing Tim and Sally trying to get it on. Enough is enough."

"Sally and Tim are making me feel a bit sick," said another fan, while someone else said: "Oh no, more of Tim and Sally's sex life. It's not funny, it's revolting."

However, while not everyone was in the mood for it, plenty of others said the scenes stole Wednesday night's instalment from Weatherfield and that the pair were "comedy gold".

"Sod all the prudish moaners!!… these Tim & Sally scenes are hilarious!!!" one appreciative fan posted.

"This Sally and Tim story is hilarious and classic," said another person.

Another posted: "I know it's gross, but Sally and Tim are funny."

The comedy was twinged with something more serious, however, as Tim struggled to conceal his erectile dysfunction medication from his wife.

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