Coronation Street's Sally Carman praised as a 'style queen' by Loose Women fans as she looks different to Abi Franklin

CORONATION Street's Sally Carman was hailed a "style queen" by Loose Women viewers today as she looked totally different to her character Abi Franklin.

The actress was on the daytime show to discuss her character's harrowing storyline which has seen Abi's son Seb beaten to death by a gang of thugs.

Speaking from her home, Sally wore her blonde hair up, a pair of oversized specs and a bright red lipstick.

It attracted compliments from viewers, with one writing on Twitter: "I didn’t even recognise Abby from #Corrie on #Loosewomen."

Another posted: "@sallycarman1 looks an absolute style queen on #LooseWomen.

A third said: "@sallycarman1 is such a fab actress. What a beaut. And you're right, to be kind …is the only way forward."

Today we reported how grieving mum Abi will demand Nina Lucas dresses as a goth for Seb’s funeral next week. 

She initially blamed Nina for Seb’s death after discovering they were attacked because she was dressed as a goth. 

It prompted Nina to wipe off her goth makeup and swap her clothes as she blamed herself for Seb’s death. 

But next week, after a word from Roy, Abi finally has a change of heart and dumps a bag of goth clothes in front of Nina, telling her Seb would want her to wear what she loves. 

The heartbroken mum then overhears killer Corey laughing about Seb’s death over the phone at the wake. 

Abi sees red and picks up a broken bottle, following Corey down a dark alleyway. 

Asha spots her and stops her in her tracks, insisting that Seb wouldn’t want her going back to prison. 

Instead they hatch a different plan and Abi buys some drugs from a dealer, while Asha convinces Corey that she wants to spend the night with him.

Viewers will see Asha slip the drugs into Corey’s drink, while Abi tells a worried Nina about Asha’s plan to go through his phone.

Asha scrolls through Corey’s messages while he lies unconscious, but disaster strikes when a call from Nina causes him to stir.

It all kicks off as Abi and Nina arrive to check on Asha while Corey staggers around the flat trying to work out what's going on.

A delirious Corey tries to move past them but loses his balance and falls down the stairs.

Asha looks down at Corey’s lifeless body as the trio are left facing a huge decision over whether to call the police or leave Corey to face the same fate as Seb. 

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