Coronation Street’s Izzy Armstrong won’t return ‘for a while’ as actress Cherylee Houston reveals she’s shielding

CORONATION Street’s Izzy Armstrong won’t return "for a while", it has been revealed.

Actress Cherylee Houston is unable to return to the soap because she is being forced to shield at home.

The 46-year-old was diagnosed with the rare connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome when she was 23.

It makes her vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic so has had to delay her return to the soap, which she first joined in 2010

She told disappointed fans it'll be "a little while yet, I'm afraid" when they asked when she'll be back on their screens.

One posted: “You are missed.”

While another said: “I like Izzy! She doesn’t get enough good storylines.”

A third added: “As long as the actors are safe that’s the main issue.”

Viewers have often questioned if Cherylee had left the soap as she hasn’t been seen on screen since last spring.

While most of the programme's cast and crew returned to work last year, but some are unable to do so because of their age or underlying health conditions.

Corrie favourite Norris Cole won't be seen on-screen again after actor Malcolm Hebden quietly retired.

The actor, 81, quit acting last summer after a near-fatal heart attack in 2017.

He played busybody Norris in more than 1,600 shows from 1994, returning for the odd cameo since his health scare.

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