Coronation Street theory: Hope Stape kills Phill as she uncovers link to dad John

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Undeniably, Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) has tried to keep her turbulent past a secret from her boyfriend Phill (Jamie Kenna) through fears he may run a mile if he knew the truth. However, her secret was revealed when they met Phill’s friend Graham (John Cusworth) and realised he was the solicitor for the prosecution of John Stape. Phill reassured Fiz nothing would make him leave her and he’s actually known about John (Graeme Hawley) for a while. As she began to feel at ease with him knowing the truth, things soon take another turn as Hope found out devastating information about her real father and could be about to take her revenge on Phill for dredging up the past.

This week, Fiz was still trying to come to terms with the fact the memory of her murderous ex-husband John has returned to haunt her.

After having a deep conversation where Phill revealed he already knew who John was, Fiz began to feel calmer, knowing she didn’t need to hide a part of her life from him.

But having Phill know the truth was just the beginning of her worries, and word soon began to spread within the cobbles to the newer residents.

Whilst at work, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) was fascinated to realise she was married to John and began to ask her questions.

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated in front of her work colleagues, Fiz stormed out, leaving an awkward atmosphere in her wake.

During Friday night’s episode, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) spotted Phill in Victoria Garden, handing a gentleman a large brown envelope.

This intrigued the mechanic as he knew Phill was meant to be in Leeds, leading him to debate whether he should inform Fiz.

Next week, Hope is set to find out the truth about her serial killer father after borrowing Phill’s laptop.

Oddly, Phill has some intense information about John stocked up on his laptop, and as Hope accidentally finds the information, she begins to feel angry towards her mother’s new boyfriend.

Is this just the start of a negative spiral within their relationship?

In true Hope style, she decides to take her revenge and climbs onto the digger, which is parked at the front of their house.

Phill hears the noise of the mini-digger on the driveway and dashes around the house to see what’s going on, horrified to see Hope.

As she pulls a lever, the digger’s arm swings around and smashes the windscreen on his car, leaving the pair in an awkward stand-off.

Hope has been known for her angry outbursts when wanting revenge on someone, especially after she set fire to 2a Coronation Street whilst Alina Pop (Ruzandra Porojnicu) was stuck inside.

The fire caused Alina to lose her baby, with Hope spending time in a rehabilitation centre where she began counselling.

Her anger towards Phill’s secrets could build up and lead to a devastating end for the family. Will Hope take drastic action against Phill to protect her mother’s reputation?

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Fiz actress Jennie told press including “You don’t p**s my daughter off we all know that, you don’t p** my daughter off.

“I mean, it was quite tame for her, really, so she is really angry, and it’s a pretty distressing thing that has happened.

“For whatever reason, Phill has all this information about John Stape, and Hope is finding out stuff about her dad that she didn’t want to find out.”

Touching on how Phill reacts to the attack, Jennie admitted: “Without going into detail because he is apologetic about what he has done, I think he has got more to worry about. He is trying to smooth things over with Fiz.”

But while Phill will recover from his run-in with Hope, it could just be the start. Is she about to follow in the footsteps of her father and kill Phill?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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