Coronation Street spoilers: Max begins to groom his own sister Lily | The Sun

MAX Turner continues to get involved with Griff Reynolds' shady extremist propaganda.

But in doing so, the lad played by Paddy Bever embroils another Coronation Street youngster in his antics – his sister Lily.

Max Turner has been feeling lonely in recent months, most notably after being booted out of Weatherfield High for his troublesome behaviour.

But since Griff (former Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron) showed up, Max has found a way out of the dumps.

Unfortunately, the troubled teen found himself in a horrific situation as he becomes more invested in Griff's far-right group by making use of his video editing skills.

Just as his grooming storyline picks up a pace in upcoming scenes of the Manchester-based show, another child's ordeal could be beginning.

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Next up on ITV, Lily Platt (Brooke Malonie) sits with her new earpods in and watches a video.

It becomes clear that the clip she is watching is part of Max's far-right propaganda videos.

Unaware of what she has stumbled upon, Lily shares the video to Stu Carpenter's granddaughter Eliza and promises to send her a link.

However, the Speed Daal chef (Bill Fellows) soon shows up at No.8 with Eliza's laptop and shows a shocked David and Shona Platt (Jack P. Shepherd and Julia Goulding) the video.

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What will David and Shona say?

While their reactions remain to be seen, it's also a matter of time before Griff kicks up his vile propaganda a notch.


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Maria Connor, Alya and Yasmeen Nazir, Daryan, Stu Carpenter and Gary Windass all team up to set up the stalls of the new Peace Market.

Max grows concerned when he sees a Speed Daal van in Victoria Street… especially after being told by Griff and his gang that the vehicle was at the bottom of the canal.

To make matters worse, Max's love interest Lauren receives a call from her father warning her to steer well away from the market on the same day.

Max worries and reckons they should call the police and warn people.

But what does Griff really have planned?

Are Weatherfield residents in danger?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

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