Coronation Street spoilers: Gary confesses he’s to blame for Rana’s death after he’s questioned by police over Underworld collapse

THE net will really start to close in on Gary Windass in Coronation Street next week, leading him to make the shocking confession to Imran Habeeb that he was responsible for his sister, Rana’s, death.

Gary – who’s played by Mikey North in the ITV soap – is taken in for questioning by police over both the factory roof collapse and missing loan
shark, Rick Neelan, leaving the former builder shaken.

And when he realises his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Platt, was the one who shopped him to the police, he’s left totally broken.

As he’s grilled by police about the Underworld disaster and his involvement with Rick, Gary tries his best to remain calm.

But he’s rattled further when Rick’s accomplice, Sharon, tells him that Rick’s daughter, Kelly, has reported him missing.

A terrified Gary realises the net’s closing in on him, despite trying to convince Kelly that her dad has done a runner abroad.

Later as Gary and Rana’s grieving lover Kate Connor stare at the remains of the factory, Imran – Charlie de Melo – reveals he knows that Gary is now a suspect.

Gary protests his innocence as Kelly arrives on the cobbles looking for him.

He has to assure his sister Faye that he knows nothing about where Rick is or the roof collapse and she believes him.

But later, at the Rovers, Peter Barlow makes a lunge for him accusing him of ruining both Kate and Carla’s lives.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Gary heads over to the solicitor’s office where he tells a stunned Imran that he’s responsible for Rana’s death.

But what will Imran do with his confession? And will he confess to killing gangster Rick as well?

Meanwhile, Corrie fans have their own theory about what really happened to Rick after his scuffle with Gary in the woods seemed to end in murder.

They seem to think that Rick isn’t dead at all and Gary is holding him hostage, echoing Pat Phelan’s dark storyline with Andy Carver back in 2017.

Posting on a fan forum, one viewer shared their argument, saying: "The one thing I found really surprising was that lingering shot of Rick's hand as Gary was dragging him.

"I've replayed that scene a few times and it's clear that Rick's hand twitches ever so slightly. Was this done on purpose, to see if any viewers caught it?

"I know it sounds insane, but I'm starting to lean towards the fact he isn't dead.

"Apologies for this predictable post, because I'm the first to dislike the 'he's not dead' speculations that seem to happen a lot on here. But
let's face it, it does happen.

"It happened with Phelan and Joe Tate recently. And the way Corrie is at the moment I wouldn't put any ludicrous resurrections past them."

Another added in response: "Well they have a fine history in Emmerdale of burying people in the woods who later turn up alive so I would say there's a decent chance he's not dead!"

A third wrote: "Have to say, I thought Rick’s hand twitched a bit too."

Mikey, 32, revealed to The Sun Online's Soap Bubble that his alter ego could kill again after finishing off Rick and accidentally causing the death of Rana Habeeb in the factory roof collapse.

He said: "I can’t see how he’ll ever get past it. He’s lost everything and now he’s killed two people.

"But I think it is the start of a new Gary Windass…"

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