Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy Matthews ‘betrayed’ by Brian Packham in affair twist

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Cathy (played by Melanie Hill) was caught in the middle of a war between Brian (Peter Gunn) and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) during Wednesday’s double-bill of Coronation Street. After some confusion over what plants Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) had spotted at the Red Rec, the florist and the Kabin newsagent owner ended up banning each other from their respective business as tempers flared. However, it was Cathy who brought the pair back together, but could she have just made a huge mistake as the ITV soap comics fall for each other’s charms.

With tensions high after a war of words, Cathy had become Brian’s enemy as well as Mary’s in the second trip to the cobbles, with the former asking her partner why he was taking his annoyance out on her.

“Just a bit of solidarity wouldn’t go amiss,” he remarked, to which his other half told him she was furious for the way he had treated their neighbours.

“You think you’re in the mafia film we watched the other night. You’re not Robert De Niro – all this tit for tat stuff has to stop or we’ll end up going to all-out war,” she declared.

It was at this moment the kebab shop worker marched out of the newsagents to try and make peace with the florist.

In a later scene, she was seen offering a hot drink to Mary, telling her friend: “I’m not the enemy here, I’ve only come to try and mend fences.”

Expressing her frustrations about her relationship to Brian, Cathy added: “I know Brian is to blame and he’s taken leave of his senses.

“Before you say anything about him, I know exactly what his faults are and I’ve got a list of them,” she declared.

“Sometimes, I excuse it but other times, like now, I don’t,” the kebab shop worker continued, before she marched back to the Kabin to tell her partner he was to go over to the florists and apologise.

Despite his stubborn attitude, the former headteacher gave in and walked over to speak with Mary to tell her he surrendered.

I think I’m turning into Tracy

Mary Taylor

“Cathy has pointed out things might have gotten a little out of hand. I apologise for barring you from the Kabin,” Brian told Mary.

The florist replied: “Thank you, and I’m sorry from barring you from here. I must apologise if I’ve seemed a little on edge.

“My nerves have all been jangled. I’ve been on a very short fuse. I think I’m turning into Tracy [Barlow].

“I must confess, I am finding it rather difficult to keep all my plates spinning,” she continued, to which the newsagent told her to “yell” if she needed any help.

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Mary took him up on his offer almost immediately, asking him to deliver some of her orders for her so she would go to the flower market in the morning.

Brian was more than happy to help out, but could this willingness to aide the florist have a deeper meaning?

The mother-of-one did state she felt she was becoming Tracy (Kate Ford), who is known for being quite the maneater on the cobbles.

With this in mind and their arguments bringing them closer together, could the pair get swept up in a whirlwind romance?

This would leave Cathy heartbroken as she and Brian have been a couple on the cobbles for three years now following her disastrous relationship with Roy Cropper (David Neilson).

There has never been any indication the pair could split, but an affair would certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Cathy’s first husband Alan Matthews also cheated on her with her own sister Nessa Warner (Sadie Shimmin) which resulted in the birth of café assistant Alex Warner (Liam Bairstow).

Believing she had finally found herself a good man, will her dreams come crashing down around her as history repeats itself?

Coronation Street continues Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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