Coronation Street fans baffled by ridiculous Stephen Reid blunder

Corrie: Daisy calls Leo's phone that is in Stephen's pocket

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Fans of the ITV soap have been gripped by a storyline in which Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) ended up killing Leo (Joe Frost) in a dramatic showdown which led to Leo being pushed from a balcony. Stephen then hid Leo’s body and took his belongings, including his phone. Friday’s Coronation Street saw Stephen almost being rumbled when barmaid Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) called Leo’s phone and it rang loudly from Stephen’s pocket while he was sitting next to her. However, bizarrely, nobody seemed to notice. Fans of the ITV soap were quick to point out the “ridiculous” blunder.

During Friday’s episode, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) remained devastated after assuming Leo had left to go to Canada without her.

She had been trying to contact him ever since and was heartbroken that Leo would break up with her without telling her.

Friday’s episode saw a determined Jenny back behind the bar as she tried to move on with her life, but she was unable to stay focused.

At one point, Daisy decided to try to help her out by calling Leo herself.

Stephen had been sitting right next to where Daisy stood and panicked, too slow to act.

It came as Jenny was apologising to Stephen for blaming him after Leo found out the two had kissed.

“I shouldn’t have blamed you, I should have just been honest with Leo,” she told Stephen as he took a seat in the pub with his pint.

Daisy came over and asked: “Have you managed to get through to him yet?”

“Call him again,” Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) suggested to her boss.

“What’s the point?” Jenny asked. In a last-ditch attempt to get hold of him, Daisy stated: “Right, I’m going to video call him.”

“Video?” Jenny repeated, concerned. Daisy explained she wanted Leo to look Jenny in the eye and explain himself.

Panicking, Stephen began to protest but wasn’t quick enough for Daisy, who had started calling Leo’s phone.

Immediately, a phone began to ring, but Daisy and Jenny continued to stare blankly as nobody picked up.

However, Stephen started acting shifty, the sound clearing coming from his pocket.

“Are you alright?” Daisy asked him. Acting suspiciously and with the phone still ringing, he replied: “I’ve really got to go.”

“But you haven’t touched your pint,” Jenny pointed out, but Stephen ignored her and proceeded to walk out of the pub.

Unconvinced viewers took to social media to slam the bizarre scene, with many calling it “ridiculous”.

Twitter user @DriftRidge28 wrote: “So you’re telling me Jenny and Daisy were suddenly deaf when a ringtone was coming from Steven, at the same time they were trying to ring Leo’s phone…… #corrie #coronationstreet.”

@RyanGSoapKing11 asked: “How could Jenny and Daisy not hear Leo’s phone ring you could literally hear that from the other side of the pub? #Corrie.”

@NinjaTHaii penned: “#Corrie just did the ridiculous…again. Daisy phones a phone right next to her & Stephen’s pocket lights up & all 3 women don’t see or hear it ..3 women don’t clock a man’s chest lighting up right next to them. 3 women & none blind &only one truly stupid.” (sic).

@penniless_poet shared: “Oh my God! The phone is literally going off in Stephbins’ pocket right under their noses and no one notices??? #Corrie.” (sic)

Others pointed out that it was odd for Stephen to have kept Leo’s phone on.

“#corrie surely daisy and jenny didn’t hear that phone ringing, if you killed someone wtf would you still hold on to someone’s phone after killed them,” @FLady1980 argued.

@homebrew19721 echoed this, asking: “Why hasn’t Stephen turned off Leo’s phone #corrie”

@davey177s added: “How good is Leo’s phone battery mine doesn’t even last a day #corrie.”

Will Stephen manage to slip up again soon? If so, viewers are hoping it will be picked up on next time.

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm on ITV.

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