Casualty spoilers: Dixie returns as Iain considers his future

A very familiar face returns to Casualty tonight as Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove) makes a brief and very welcome visit to Holby – in a helicopter!

She’s working with HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) and answers the call when a boy has a serious bike accident.

Iain (Michael Stevenson) is especially pleased to see his old mate Dixie and they have a good catch-up, during which we find that Jeff and Sam are still very much in Dixie’s and Iain’s hearts. Hearing about Dixie’s work with HEMS gives Iain food for thought. Is it time he should be spreading his wings too?

Archie (Genesis Lynea) isn’t happy when Dylan (William Beck) tells her she’s going to be working in Minors yet again, but she soon gets a challenging case. A man comes to the ED in pain and distress after having acid thrown in his face. Another patient is brought in after a car accident, and Archie notices he’s hiding what looks like an acid burn on his arm. She puts two and two together, but then discovers that the truth is more complicated than it at first seems. She goes all out to help a patient get the justice they deserve – but does she take things too far?

Mason (Victor Oshin) continues to do himself no favours in the popularity stakes when he and Rash (Neet Mohan) disagree about whether a patient is as ill as she’s making out. Mason is so confident in his diagnosis that he challenges Rash to a bet – Rash’s brand new bike (a recent present from his father, remember) against Mason’s flash car. Will Rash’s experience win out against Mason’s youthful enthusiasm?

Casualty is on tonight at 8.40pm on BBC1. 

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. Her latest novel, Half A World Away, is out now.

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