Car smash disaster as Kevin takes revenge on Stephen in Coronation Street

Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) turns into Mr Angry in episodes of Coronation Street to be aired soon, when he savagely beats up a defenceless Jaguar. The car, not the big cat.

The car belongs to Stephen (Todd Boyce) and it’s been at the garage for repair. Kevin is under huge amounts of pressure as he prepares for the return of Abi (Sally Carman) and Alfie. He also has worries about his son Jack (Kyran Bowes), who’s being bullied at school.

The last thing he needs is having to deal with an irate customer.

Aaron (James Craven) has fixed Stephen’s car to help Kevin out, but apparently hasn’t done a great job as Stephen is soon back shouting the odds because the car broke down again. As Aaron leaves following a phone call, Kevin is left to deal with the angry fashion magnate.

As Kevin attempts to placate Stephen his phone keeps ringing as Jack and Abi both need to talk to him. Meanwhile Stephen blusters that he’s going to take his business elsewhere – and Kevin snaps. Picking up a wrench, he starts to smash up Stephen’s car.

Not Kevin’s wisest move – particularly as Abi’s return to Coronation Street could be put in jeopardy if Kevin is charged with anything. As Abi visits to tell him how excited she is to bring Alfie back home to number 13, Kevin tries to hide his anxiety.

Will Stephen press charges?

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