‘Can’t call themselves British Broadcasting Corporation’ Rosindell rips into woke BBC

GMB: Andrew Rosindell clashes with Kate over national anthem

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Culture minister Chris Philip sparked a national debate when he agreed the national anthem should be played on the BBC at the end of each day. Rosindell agreed with Philip as he told GB News host Dan Wootton, the BBC had become “too woke” and needed to return to the former tradition ahead of the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Tory ministers have called for God Save the Queen to be played at the end of broadcasting, a proposal which has been criticised by many.

The anthem already plays at the end of BBC Radio 4’s daily broadcast, but many MPs want the practice to return to the nation’s TV sets.

In a statement, the BBC explained: “We no longer play the national anthem on a daily basis on BBC One because it doesn’t close down in the evening.”

Wootton began: “Of course Andrew, we know the BBC won’t want to do this and the government quite rightly, because there has to be a separation between the media and the state but the government can’t force them to do so and they say, ‘Nope, not interested.'”

Rosindell replied: “Look, The BBC is meant to be the British Broadcasting Corporation Dan and this is the year of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. I, frankly, am sick of all this woke stuff.

“I want this country to be proud of our heritage, our traditions, our monarchy, our flag.

“I’m fed up with all of it. I want these things restored so our young people have a sense of pride and belief in our country once again.

“If the BBC can’t put the national anthem back on for 30 seconds at the end of the day’s programming, then they can’t really call themselves the British Broadcasting Company anymore.”

“It’s time to get this back on track and this is the year to do it for the Queen’s jubilee.”

Wootton replied: “No, I completely agree but the sad thing about the BBC is that they sneer at patriotism. Do you remember that interview with Robert Jenrick who had that beautiful big Union Jack behind him and the two presenters on BBC Breakfast sneered at him. They literally laughed at him and I think that shows you the headspace that everyone who works at the corporation is in.

“They are embarrassed about Britain.”

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Rosindell continued: “It’s quite shocking, because it’s almost dangerous. It’s unpicking the unity that brings British people together.

“We’re all from different backgrounds, different religions, different political views. We have differences. But the one thing that unites all of us is, I hope, the love of this country.

“Singing and hearing the national anthem is something I hope all young people should appreciate.

“I remember hearing on the BBC when I was a teenager, and I thought ‘Ooh that’s a national anthem’, and it made me feel a sense of belonging to this country.”

Finally, he added: “The BBC should dump the wokeness, dump the PC nonsense, let’s have our anthem back again on BBC One.”

Viewers weren’t so convinced with many divided over Rosindell’s suggestion.

@FrancaisFarage posted on Twitter: “What ‘woke’ stuff?? Why isn’t this guy proud of the UK?

“And why would playing the national anthem every day make him feel better?”

@FCIdiot suggested: “GB News should play the national anthem every show for extra patriotism. Let’s see how popular they will be.”

Dan Wootton Tonight airs Monday-Thursday at 9pm on GB News.

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