‘Bye then’ Phillip Schofield walks off This Morning after viewer confession

Phillip Schofield walks off during Spin to Win competition

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby give lucky viewers the chance to win up to £3000 every weekday with the This Morning competition Spin To Win. However, on Thursday’s show, Phillip walked off during the segment when the randomly selected caller admitted she hadn’t watched the presenters that morning.

Kicking off the segment, Phillip and Holly phoned Sue who answered the call with the correct phrase.

“Have you been entering for a while?” Phillip asked and she replied: “I’ve been doing it ever since you started it.”

“The whole time, that’s ages?” Phillip said and Holly commented: “No way Sue.”

“Finally we go through to you,” he continued. “So you’ve been sat by your phone for 18 months.”

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“I certainly have,” she replied before asking Holly to choose a money prize from the raffle machine.  

Holly selected £1,000 for Sue who then had the chance to win a bag of “money can’t buy” items.

Phillip asked: “Juliet Sear has been busy in the kitchen all morning, what has she been making?”

“To be honest I haven’t been watching the show this morning because I was taking my husband to physio.”

Walking off the set, Phillip remarked: “Oh did you? Alright bye then.”

“No, don’t worry I’m going to give you a clue,” Holly remarked. 

“What traditional sweet do you normally eat on your birthday?”

“Birthday cake,” the caller answered as Phillip returned to where he had been standing. 

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“She’s obviously been watching,” the presenter joked. 

However, This Morning viewers weren’t happy with Phillip as one fan Garry Enfield tweeted: “Oh Phil you drama queen! #ThisMorning.”

Christopher tweeted: “Phil flounces out when she says she wasn’t watching but dips back in when she said she’d been taking her husband to physio #thismorning.”

Stefan Meyer wrote: “Now that @schofe has walked off and returned, will he jump on Twitter and criticise the rest of the world? @piersmorgan #ThisMorning.”

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Elsewhere on Thursday’s This Morning, Phillip was forced to apologise as Martin Clunes used “inappropriate language” three times. 

Explaining what happens in his new ITV drama Manhunt, he said: “You just see them stop the b*****d.”

He later remarked: “A man came up to me in a petrol station and he said, ‘Oh I used to work with Colin Sutton in Surrey. You in that b***y cardigan. You look just like him.’”

The actor added: “I don’t really enjoy those t****r type you know, those generic type on TV. You know where he’s a florist and a cop.”

“We’re having to apologise for each of the bits of bad language because obviously, it would take up far too much time,” Phillip said.

“Oh yeah of course, sorry,” he replied.

This Morning airs on ITV on weekdays at 10am.

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