Broken Sam fears he won't survive in Emmerdale spoiler video

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Poor Sam Dingle (James Hooton) is in real trouble in Emmerdale, after stealing from Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell). Now, a new spoiler video shows his panic that he may be set for a long stint in prison.

Sam stole a pack of nappies from David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop earlier this week, after promising to contribute to raising baby Esther.

Like many families, the cost of living crisis has hit the Dingles hard, leaving Sam and Lydia (Karen Blick) struggling to make ends meet.

Things went from bad to worse when Eric caught Sam in the act, and chased him out of the shop.

With Eric hot on his heels, Sam pushed him away, and the pensioner ended up hitting the ground.

Sam was then arrested for theft and assault, leaving him absolutely horrified.

In the new clip, Sam worries about leaving his family in the lurch if he ends up being carted of to prison which, with his previous, is a very real possibility.

Lydia assures him that they will manage, though Sam isn’t so sure.

He lectures son Samson (Sam Hall) on being honest, and not resorting to crime despite what Dingle history would have him think.

Little does he know, Samson has recently had a small windfall of his own, though his method of getting it would surely turn Sam’s stomach.

Samson has blackmailed cousin Noah (Jack Downham) by promising to stay away from baby Esther in return for a chunk of his trust fund.

Noah agreed, and Samson ended up with £2000 in his account.

Is this the end of Samson’s blackmail, or will he continue when he realises that situation his family is in?

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